Rani Padmavati History in Hindi | रानी पद्मिनी / पद्मावती का इतिहास

Padmini was the daughter of Singhal King Gandharva and Queen Champavati. She was so beautiful that her beauty was known far and wide across the land. To find a well suited husband for his daughter, King Gandharva arranged a “Swayamvar”, in which many kings and princes came to prove their skills and suitability for the beautiful princess. Raja Rawal Ratan Singh, king of Chittoor defeated all the men present that day in the court of Singhal and also won the heart of princess Padmini. They got married and came to Chittoor.

The newly married couple were very happy together, but this happiness did not stay for long. Because at that time, Allauddin Khilji was the ruler of Delhi Dynasty. He was a cruel and greedy emperor who thought about noone but himself. When he heard about the divine beauty of Padmini, he set out to get her, and attacked Chittoor.

Sultan’s army was way more large in number, skills and way more advanced in technology as compare to the army of Chittoor.

The video shows how despite the evil plans of Sultan, and the apparent defeat of Chittoor, the final win belonged to Padmini’s valor, and the Sultan had to return empty handed!

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