3 Effective Tips To Lose Weight With Jumping Rope

3 Effective Tips To Lose Weight With Jumping Rope

Rope jumping is an intense cardio exercise. It is probably the most effective yet most easy to do cardio exercise. Even only a few minutes of rope jumping is capable of giving you a full-body workout.

Studies showed that it can burn on an average 11 calories per minute and if you can reach the highest intensity level then you may burn at least 20 calories per minute. If weight loss is your goal then jumping rope can be your ultimate choice.

It will not burn your pocket and you can do it both indoor and outdoor according to your preference. The only equipment you need is a jumping rope. Moreover, apart from weight lose rope jumping enhances cardiovascular endurance and helps to build and tone up your muscles. You can also use spydialer to get information from anyone.

Rope jumping leaves you out of breath and it is good for weight loss. All you need is to set a routine of rope jumping exercise and have to follow it to make your weight loss goal a success. It is recommended that you should consult your doctor before starting any exercise routine.

How To Start Lose Weight With Jumping Rope

Before starting workout the two most important things that you must have are a jumping rope and a pair of workout shoes. Your shoes should be comfortable and appropriate for a workout.

Otherwise, it may cause a leg injury. You may buy or borrow a professional weight loss jumping rope. You can get such jumping ropes in sporting merchandise outlets. It needs to be in good condition and the length of the rope should be proportionate with your height. Moreover, you may use gloves to protect your palms.

Set a Realistic Goal

Instead of setting long term and hard to achieve goals you should start with short term and easier goals. You may start with the goal of doing 10 minutes of rope jumping every day for two weeks.

Follow this routine for two weeks with strong determination. After completion of two successful weeks, you are ready to set another goal. For instance, you may increase the duration of the workout.

Keep in mind that your long term goal is to lose weight in a limited period. You need to keep yourself motivated and must have a strong determination to achieve this target.

Place of Exercise

For rope jumping, you need enough space to move. If you are planning to do it outdoor then it will be easy for you to get enough space. But if you have to do it indoor then be sure that you have enough ceiling clearance and place to move.

Keep Record of Your Progress

Always keep track of your progress. Keeping a record is necessary because it will help you a lot to improve your skills. Note everything including duration of rope jumping, the difficulty level of jumping, heart rate, your reaction before, during and after the exercise and most importantly your current weight.

You will see the progress in weight loss and as per your requirement, you can increase the time and difficulty level of jumping. Rope jumping will help you to reduce weight but at the same time, you need to incorporate an appropriate diet plan. With diet and exercise, you are sure to lose weight effectively within the desired period.