How Small Business Can Grow Top Line With Eco-friendly Packaging Solutions?

The world has become different and more informative than it once was, to be honest, the world is still in transition. People are becoming more aware of the things, they did not know before. By the passage of time, most of the customers, especially the generation we call millennials, are willing and seeking to do the business and trade with companies that not only focus on just making a lot of money, but rather also focuses on the corporate social responsibility (CSR). Packaging is the only thing a customer considers before seeing the actual product. Ergo, if your product package is eco and environment-friendly, then it will obviously make a good impression of your company amongst the other companies in front of customers. As far as the profits are concerned, this packaging costs less than all the plastic packing and these are also made up of hygienic technologies and better practices.


Significance of Green Packaging

Additionally, you would also be doing something good for the environment and for the greater cause. On the other side, everyone knows the threat plastic is posing to the environment and plastic literally takes a thousand years to decompose. Customers will see your company as nature and environment friendly. It will generate an adequate amount of positive word of mouth. Your packaging will make your company stand out amongst all the other competitors so far.

Entrepreneurs Taking Advantage of Eco-Friendly Material

Small startups can really take benefit from the environment friendly packing. For example, for food business, you can pack the product for delivery procedures. For mail order business, like TCS, items can be packaged inside the environment friendly boxes and be ready to deliver to the consumer. For gift shops, any kind of gift can be packaged inside the eco-friendly packing and wrapped with the ribbon to fancy that package. This packaging also maintains the quality of the item or the product packaged inside, that is the exact thing which maintains or even improve the reputation of your brand.

Simple Brown Kraft Boxes Are Sustainable

The simplest and sophisticated yet attractive form of green packaging is simple brown Kraft boxes. Brown Kraft box can be available is every size, dimension, and layout. If you want to make it more attractive, then simply wrap it up with the ribbon or make a flower or bow from the ribbon. It would make your box more appealing. Sustainable packing box includes using all the natural and recyclable items like cardboard, brown Kraft, and flux. We must strictly stop using the non-recyclable material like PVC and another sort of plastics that are dangerous for our health and environment’s safety.

Integrated Marketing Communication

Environment friendly product boxes are the best opportunity to make your company recognize and identified amongst your competitors in the market. Company’s pictures, logos, and taglines can be printed on the packaging. Using the inks from the proteins of milk and food to secure the safety of the environment rather than using inks from the chemicals that can do damage to the green environment. These inks are called soy inks and they are more sustainable for the environment than all the other inks. PUMA is packing their shoes in eco-friendly and environment-friendly packaging. They are setting an example for the companies and becoming the role model brand for all the consumers or potential consumers out there so far.

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