19 High Iron Foods to Eat for Iron Deficiency and Anemia

19 High Iron Foods to Eat for Iron Deficiency and Anemia

Iron rich foods to eat and the biggest source of iron typically come from animal based foodstuffs, for instance, red meats, kidneys and liver. This article shows a number of plant origin foods that have very high iron levels, like breakfast cereals or herbs. Nonetheless, you should know that these foods are consumed in much lesser portions making them smaller sources of iron than the ones that come from animals. Consuming iron rich foods can be indispensable for effective weight loss. The iron is used to manufacture red blood cells; these bear oxygenated blood for exercising muscles and allow us to work out with vigor which helps burn extra calories. Those with minor iron deficiencies usually feel tired and might not be as energetic as folks with an ample iron intake. Foods High in Iron – A Quick List

Kidney Beans

One of the top delights of vegetarians, kidney beans is being used for making awfully tempting curries these days. The red color of Kidney Beans is good enough to prove its rich iron levels.


Egg yolks are very appetizing apart from being iron rich foods to eat. If you are fitness conscious do not completely avoid yolks, because then you would be missing out on the iron.

Red Meat

This is another great source of iron. Sheep meat, beef, and goose duck are considered rich sources of red meat and are in fact foods high in iron content. To help your kids grow strong and fit, you can cook some easy and tasty meatloaf recipes for them.

Beet Root

Among foods that contain iron, beetroot has lofty levels of iron content. This richness in iron helps in regenerating and reactivating red blood cells in the body.


Is there anyone who doesn’t like potatoes? Potatoes are enhancers of iron absorption. Baked potatoes with skin are great foods rich in iron. So have them as much as possible. You can also experiment with various potato recipes and discover some interesting flavors.


The benefits of carrots are beyond measure. The gorgeous color of the carrot is alluring enough to have it in your diet. You can make juices, salads, or even eat it raw.


Among the foods with iron, whole wheat breads are rich sources and are thus suggested for improving iron ingestion. Also, whole wheat breads provide fiber and carbohydrates for the body.


Dried apricots are foods rich in iron and can be given to anemic people to steadily improve iron content in the body. The fruit is rich in nutrients like vitamin A and vitamin C and is simple to digest.

Green Peas

Another major one among foods high in iron content, the green pea assists information and functions of blood cells, and thus helps in putting off anaemia.


Soybeans are also great foods with iron. Having ¾ cup gives you 6.5 milligrams of iron dosage.


Tuna sandwiches are yummy snacks that you can try. You can grill it, roast it, or use the tuna in salads. The fish is surely a gourmet’s delight and high iron food.


Alfalfa is an herb and has a lot of nutrients. The herb has high iron content. Having one cup can give you .32 milligrams of iron.


Barley is clearly a topper among all nutrients. It is a must in the standard diet. Apart from being rich in iron, the cereal is also a great source of copper, selenium, zinc and magnesium.


Another popular one among foods containing iron, chickpeas are mandatory for healthy living as they are an immense iron source. Having two hundred grams of chickpeas will give 6.2 milligrams of iron to the body.

Bran Flakes

Bran Flakes is what we start our day with. People across all age groups have bran flakes as the first meal each day. The iron rich foods are easily accessible and in an assortment of flavors. Eating forty five grams of bran flakes give 5.3 milligrams of iron.


Museli is a nutritional supplement, and thus prescribed by fitness instructors. These are oats that are toasted and can be had along with milk. Sixty grams of museli in breakfast gives the body 2.76 milligrams of iron.


Tofu is a food that resembles cheese and has high iron content. Having four ounces of tofu will give you six milligrams of iron. You can fry tofu, add it with salads and also use it for curries.

Green beans

Green beans are rich in iron content and you can eat them fresh. The frozen types bring in more shelf life so you can use it year round. For all and sundry, fresh green bean recipes are indeed mouthwatering treats.


Cashews are nuts suitable for eating and a fine source of iron. Consuming quarter cup of nuts gives the body 2.1 milligrams of iron. Sometimes, people prepare cashew pastes so as to use it in delicious curries.