Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital is the world’s largest public institution dedicated to providing comprehensive veterinary health care services. The hospital is located in the United Arab Emirates, established by  Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi. It is the biggest operating Falcon hospital in the UAE with more than 110,000 patients. The unique hospital has over 6,000 bird pass through each year since their opening in 1999 under the direction of a German Veterinary Surgeon. Besides, the Falcon occupy 200 air-conditioned treatment rooms. The sport flacon has huge history in the UAE’s culture. Every valuable bird is issued a passport to get access to high-quality check-ups, feather subscriptions, and treatments.

Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital Tour

If you are planning a trip to Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital, the ensure that you book a guided tour. Which is specially designed for tourists to give them an overview of the sport and physiology of the significant bird. During the tour, the travellers can witness a falcon pedicure and become friends with the birds as one preach on arms.
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