Bangkok is famous for the night market. It attracts tourist from all over the world for one-stop shopping mall and a night bazaar. If you plan to explore night market in Bangkok then begin the quest wit Asiatique The Riverfront. Asiatique The Riverfront offers thousand of boutique stalls, hundreds of street-food joints, stunning riverside views, and quirky restaurants.

How to Reach Asiatique The Riverfront?

If you are new or looking your way to Asiatique the Riverfront night market, the read this. You can reach the market by road or by boat. Boarding the free Red Bus number 15 from Siam Centre is an appropriate way. If you want to avoid traffic then you can take a boat to your way on Asiatique. Take a BTS Skytrain to Saphan Taksin Station.

What to Expect?

Asiatique The Riverfront is Bangkok’s first large-scale riverside night market. The powerful cultural outlook is what distinguish it apart from other shopping malls. Giving a strong essence of history with touch of symbols with no cultural cliches. Thus, striking a balance with modern yet traditional culture.  Are you travelling with your loved ones to Bangkok? Do not miss the breathtaking sight of the Baiyoke Sky Tower. One of the must-see romantic places in Bangkok, Thailand. Baiyoke Sky Tower is the tallest building in Thailand and a one-stop place for shopping, entertainment, and food.

About Baiyoke Sky Tower

Baiyoke Sky Tower is recognized among the highest hotel in Bangkok. The height features 309 meters which are iconic but with the antenna, it is 343.35 meters. The building is 84 storeyed which includes a skywalk along with the huge window.  Featuring amazing panoramic views of Bangkok. Tourist from all over the world visit Baiyoke Sky Tower to enjoy revolving roof deck, 7 delicious dining options, and an observation deck. Moreover, with coneivcne of free Wifi.Bang Nam Pheung is a riverside popular Bang Nam Pheung in Bangkok. A visit to a floating market is a perfect escape for away from city life. Bang Nam Pheung market is located in an unusual loop of the Chao Phraya River. Although, the market is popular known as Green Lung of Bangkok.

What to Expect?

Tourist should not miss the view of several boats parked alongside the riverbank. Perhaps, the chain of food stalls on the ground. There are different entrances to the market depending on the direction from where you arrive. You can buy anything from a T-Shirt to quirky Thai home decor. Besides, buy organic fruits and vegetables from vendors.  Abu Dhabi Mall is a spacious yet modern shopping mall in UAE. The air-conditioned placed welcome thousands of tourist around the world from the summer heat. The shopping mall offers hundreds of brands for shopping under one roof. In Abu Dhabi Mall, visitors can catch up with friends and family to go out have fun. With their imaginative designs and wide range of outlets, shopping malls are perennially popular. The bigger malls buzz with activity as people meet, eat, pose and parade. During festive occasions such as Eid or Ramadan, malls are venues for special events such as dance or cultural shows, often featuring international acts. They also hold numerous raffles, often with huge prizes such as luxury cars or cash.
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