Know How To Wear Your Deodorant For Long Lasting Freshness

Deodorants are a very essential part of the everyday grooming routine. They are designed to not only give fragrance but to get rid of the sweaty smell altogether. Being affordable, every school going, college-going boy or girl or any person who has a limited budget go for the deodorant sprays to smell good. Several brands from all around the world are now easily available online in India with a wide range to choose from. However, even after all these benefits and easily available highly perfumed body sprays, it is not all the time when you get desired scent out of the body sprays. Here are some tips that will help you in applying the deodorant properly for long-lasting freshness,

Clean Your Skin With Antibacterial Soap

The biggest cause of body odour is the bacterial growth on the skin and in inner corners all around. Taking a bath every day is not enough to smell good especially if you are looking for a nice scent lasting all day long. So, take bath using an antibacterial soap that will help in getting rid of all the bacteria from your body as well as smell causing germs. You can use any unscented body wash or soap with antibacterial properties for this. After this, make sure to apply some moisturiser.

Get The Optimal Coverage

If you have been spraying the body spray for men and women by keeping it too close to the skin then you were just wasting away your deodorant and money. Keep the deodorant bottle about 6-8 inches away from the skin and spray it by moving your hand consistently and slowly. This will help you in covering more of your body with lesser product getting an even fragrance all over. With just two sprays, you can cover your entire upper portion. With this tip, you ill waste less product and get maximum fragrance out of it.

Apart from this, elements and ingredients present in the body sprays are released at a very fast speed through the nozzle. If it is kept too close to the skin, it tends to make the skin sensitive with redness and rashes in some cases. Avoid this, by keeping the spray nozzle at a distance.

Reapply Every 4 Hours

Some of us are habitual of reapplying deodorant sprays every hour. This habit will not only make you waste away all the product but will also make the scent overwhelming. For keeping the fragrance noticeable without going overboard with it, you should spray it every 4 hours. However, if you have dry skin, you can spray it on the body every 3 hours to smell good. Make sure to stick to just two-three sprays in a single application. This much is enough to make you smell attractive without going overboard. People who apply too much too strong perfumes are seen as wannabe types so try to avoid this by improving your fragrance habits by using best deodorants for men and women in the right quantity.

Don’t Spray It On Clothes

If you have been spraying body spray all over your clothes, you better stop doing so. This habit will not only affect the longevity of fragrance but will also stain your clothes. Most of the deodorants contain talc in them along with certain metals to reduce sweating and keeping you fresh for hours. Although these are not harmful to your skin, but for clothes these are not safe at all. They can cause discolouration, stiffness and yellow stains to occur on your clothes. You can prevent this by spraying deodorant spray directly on the skin where it is supposed to be sprayed. A body spray will not be able to work properly unless it hits the skin and gets absorbed into the pores. You should spray the body spray right after taking bath and moisturising your body. Try to allow it to be absorbed well into the skin before wearing clothes.

Choose According To Your Needs

If you always feel confused about choosing the right deodorant spray, you can start by asking you simple questions. What do you want the deodorant to do? Whether you are looking for something that just gives fragrance or wants something that can also help in reducing the sweating? Do you need something gentle for the skin or trying to avoid certain chemicals, which are making your skin sensitive? Keeping all this in mind, you can go ahead with the ones that are available online in India.

Go for the body sprays with talc and antiperspirant properties in them for reducing sweating. For fragrance, choose highly perfumed body sprays such as deodorant counterparts of popular perfumes. If you want something gentle for the skin, non-alcoholic deodorants are the best option and for sensitive skin you can choose the hypoallergenic ones.

All these body sprays are available online in India from popular brands like Otoori, Lomani, Chris Adams, Louis Cardin, Baug Sons, Colour Me, America, New NB and many more. They are priced at affordable cost so you can get several of them in combo packs or single variants. Choose them according to your needs and use them correctly to smell marvellous all the time.

Digital Praween is publisher of this article on behalf of Perfumebooth Company. He is professional digital marketer, blogger and influencer. He is sharing informative information with high-quality content to enhance the reader knowledge and experience.

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