Modern Techniques to Look Out for in the Transportation Sector

Transportation sector poses huge promising growth patterns in the coming years. The reason being transportation plays a significant role by supporting all major industries contributing to economic growth. For middle east major industries ensure oil and gas, petrochemical and construction. All of which contributes or makes up the whole economy. In the coming years, the transportation sector will ensue new changes to better yet support industries as well as provide an optimum balance between cost-effectiveness, flexibility and efficiency.

For every country shipping or transporting goods or equipment plays a significant role in the economy. With technological advancement, the need for e-commerce has increased. Transport companies in Dubai are now adopting innovative and modern strategies to bring in some changes and provide much-needed support to industries that will result in more revenue and better yet capture new global markets. Transport companies in Dubai are now adopting ‘electronic log devices’. This device will ensure better safety standards for clients and companies alike. This device will let the truck drivers transporting heavy equipment or cargo worth millions to know when to rest. Truck drivers working overtime without any rest can run into accidents so in order to minimize any risk to the driver’s health and damaging cargo, ELD’s ensure a timely reminder for a safer environment. 

The government, in order to provide better support, are now updating companies regarding regulatory compliance. This is because the transportation sector ensues global markets and international trade thus staying on top of the game requires the right information. Companies need to know legal compliance, regulations, safety certifications and laws for a better and smoother flow of operations. Another modern strategy being adopted in the transportation sector is ‘transparency’. Companies involved in blockchain logistics are now working on historical records to promote transparency amongst clients. For instance, if any specialized vehicle for transportation is being sold again or for the second time, companies selling it needs to provide a historical record of when and where the vehicle was used. This ensures compliance and transparency leading to better repute and logistics involved. Also, blockchain logistics can be used in capacity monitoring and ensuing secondary information for clients. Companies working to provide a quote can use blockchain via calculating the similar volume of goods to be transported and then extracting relevant information for clients, 

Transport companies are also ensuing strategies to deliver goods in a timely manner. Usually, the involvement of a higher volume of goods or cargo ensuing multi-modal transport system requires the need for third parties. However, companies are now making use of e-commerce wherein, last-mile deliveries or door to door delivery is now being catered. To minimize risks of an unforeseen event or any such interruption in the supply chain logistics, transport companies are now employing a fleet of small vehicles to cater to new markets and reduce risks of late delivery. The key to the whole process genuinely lies in operational logistics, mobility and flexibility. For better efficiency companies are now employing shippers to reduce the need for third parties that can lead to more confusion and late deliveries to clients.

Heavy lift transport has gained a lot of prominence in recent years. This particular vertical supports global trade and projects. Companies working to provide heavy-lift transport know how challenging the logistics are. This is usually because the heavy equipment and machinery need to be transported as a whole. To reduce and minimize the risks of damages transport companies in Dubai are expanding their land transport routes to the Gulf region and Europe. Usually, transporting millions or billions worth of equipment via sea or air routes is considered equally expensive. However, not every country can be accessed via land routes only and may require heavy investment. Which is why companies are now employing low cost-airlines. In this strategy, the airline companies only charge for a particular array of services required to transport cargo or equipment. However, this is still in development. Transporting via low-cost airlines has its limitations. Companies ensuing these air routes are cost-effective only for limited distances and fuel involved. Many yet believe that the future of transport companies still resides inland routes via rail or subway. 

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