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Aeon Source is India’s most trusted platform for hiring candidates. We invite all recruits to register their company with complete business information and start posting jobs online for your requirement. We have a large database of job seekers looking for recruiters like you so that you can hire the right candidates. You can add ultimate job ads posting multiple listings tags to target different profiles.

Why should you post a job?

  • Match with the best candidates with similar certification, skills, and qualification
  • Optimized content with relevant keywords will help you gain maximum reach to candidates.
  • Create events to make it easier for candidates to apply.
  • Easily review and shortlist candidates

Get in front of the other companies by uploading an unlimited image gallery and unlimited video gallery.



  • 100 Job Listings
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  • 30 Days Availability
  • Sidebar Statistics
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  • Website
  • Social Networks
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