Stock Market Course for Professionals


Do you want to learn a professional way of trading? Join IFMC Institute online stock market course for professionals. It is a short-term program where anyone can learn simple techniques of trading that professionals use to trade.


Stock market course designed for working professionals is ranked number 1. Are you working and want to learn share market? Do you want to upgrade your skills? Do you want to become a smart trader? Then the stock market course for professional is here to rescue you from the mission. The professional stock market course is designed by IFMC Institute.  This course will create a powerful knowledge of essential stock market tools and techniques require to understand market functioning.

What will you get?

The stock market course for professionals comprise of a 103 videos can be completed in 67.7 hours. The course covers five important modules:
  • Stock market course for beginners
  • Uni-Directional trade strategies course
  • Technical analysis course
  • Fundamental analysis course
  • Options trading strategies by Manish Taneja
After completing the course students will get an IFMC stock market qualification certification.