What Do You Expect From a New SmartPhone?

What Do You Expect From a New SmartPhone?

Before buying a smartphone, you should decide on the set of opportunities that you expect to receive. Do you need a productive device or just “dialers”? Want high-quality pictures? Do you expect that the smartphone will work for several days without recharging? Do you need a metal case and chips, such as a fingerprint scanner, water resistance or frameless?

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Today, you can find a smartphone for every taste, but it is better to avoid some errors. For example, if the phone has twice the number of processor cores and RAM, the screen resolution and the number of camera megapixels have increased, then it will definitely be better. This is not quite true. The test results of smartphones, obtained by our experts after checking the devices in the laboratory and with daily use, clearly showed that many parameters and characteristics do not affect the quality of the phone directly. Therefore, if you have a smartphone of the past or the year before last, then it is not necessary to change it precisely because of the “obsolete” characteristics.

If you still decided to change the phone, pay attention to the constantly updated rating of smartphones, compiled by experts of Product-test.ru. With it, you can compare smartphones by various parameters or simply find out which smartphone is the best today that has mobile cover design easily available. This was possible due to the fact that for the first time all the phones were tested using the same methodology. We also annually sum up the results by making the selection of the best inexpensive phones, as we did in 2016, or choosing the best smartphones of the year, such as, for example, in 2017 and  2018 . Finally, the following expert advice from Product-test.ru will help you find the phone.

Phone on which operating system to choose?

The smartphone can work on the operating system iOS, Android and some others, for example, on Windows. But these two operating systems are the most massive.


Apple’s operating system that runs all the portable devices of the company: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The main advantages of the system are ease of development and a high level of optimization and with its stability, high speed and excellent compatibility with applications. Another advantage is the constant system updates for most devices of the company, but note that the old gadgets after the upgrade can slow down. 

The main drawback of iOS is that the system is closed, for example, you cannot just throw a movie from a computer or put a song on a call. Also, iOS is characterized by limited support for multimedia formats, and you cannot replace many basic applications and change the appearance of the system without having to do Jailbreak, the operation of opening access to the file system to expand the capabilities of the device. 

Just keep in mind that after the Jailbreak you will lose the warranty on your gadget. In the past couple of years, Apple has been working on fixing flaws. For example, they expand the options for setting up the phone – they add support for third-party keyboards, the ability to drop some media files on the iPhone without the help of iTunes, and they already allow you to delete some pre-installed applications. Also, note that iOS devices are on average significantly more expensive than Android competitors.


Google’s operating system with extensive customization options. Standard browser, utilities for writing text messages and calls, calendar, notes, keyboard, email client – most of these applications can be removed and installed others that are convenient to you personally. You can even change the appearance of the interface. This system has many settings and changeable parameters, and the number of applications and games for Android is huge. Cons – not so high degree of protection against malicious software, as in iOS, and the simultaneous coexistence of a huge number of models on different versions of the system. 

This can lead to difficulties with optimization and compatibility with various applications and devices. Another disadvantage is the limited time support for the gadget. So, Most devices receive system updates from strength for a year or two, no more. Then you have to either buy a new device or stay on the old OS.

Windows Phone 

Windows Phone is an operating system from Microsoft, which has almost disappeared from the mobile device market. Its features are “tiled” style and high speed of work even on a frankly weak iron. The disadvantages of the system are a non-intuitive menu and a small number of applications and games in the store. Now, this system is living its last days on smartphones, in stores, you can hardly find a phone on Windows, except the budget Microsoft Lumia 550 .