what is Drip Marketing?

what is Drip Marketing?

what is drip marketing

What is drip marketing? I asked myself that question a while back and was able to discover a few reasons why some marketers prefer the digital environment.

Consumers love a rich experience, so that is the reason why many marketers opt for a web presence. Furthermore, the web is inexpensive, with only your time and internet connection, so this form of advertising can be much cheaper to run than print advertising.

The digital environment is well suited to unique offerings. With the rise of social networking and web 2.0, marketers can be a part of their communities by building content, posting links, and engaging in discussions on any given topic.

Digital advertising is relatively cheap, and the potential audience is large. This also means that your campaign will have a higher response rate, making it cost effective.

It takes less time to put together a campaign using the digital environment. However, the campaign also requires an understanding of the basic mechanics of marketing.

In order to properly understand drip marketing, you need to understand how each piece of the puzzle works. Your online shop or internet marketing firm will be able to provide the specifics, but I have already learned some things through trial and error.

One thing I have learned is that there is no single right way to build a web page or lead capture page. Your digital marketing firm will certainly guide you through this process, but if you do not understand the reasons behind certain tactics, it may be best to turn to other experts for guidance.

Drip marketing is not about a long, drawn out or even a short piece of content. If you are simply posting links on your blog, article, or social media accounts, the offer that you are marketing may be lacking in credibility and quality.

To truly drive traffic to your web page or offer, you need to get good web presence. You should learn how to drive traffic to your website using pay per click, video ads, social networking, and more.

To really drive traffic to your website or sales page, it is important to connect with your customers on a daily basis. A digital environment allows you to contact your customers at anytime, as you will be able to tweet, use Facebook, or email them at a moment’s notice.

It is important to never settle on one web page or offer. Instead, you should offer several different offers and websites in order to gain an edge on your competition.

Because your customers have no need to read all of your web page content, it is crucial that they will click through to your sales page. Drip marketing will allow you to find out what your customers are searching for, as well as how they respond to offers.