What to See on Your Holiday to Hampi

What to See on Your Holiday to Hampi

In India, Hampi is the second largest city of Karnataka and is famous for its beaches, scenic beauty and for tea. With a population of nearly six million people, Hampi is one of the leading tourism destinations in the country.

The city of Hampi was originally a small village and has evolved into one of the major cities of Karnataka with a lot of destinations to explore. Travelers from across the globe visit this destination to enjoy its natural attractions and historical monuments.

Apart from the beaches, wildlife, lakes and sea front resorts, there are many other tourist destinations in Hampi that can be explored on your holiday to this state. Some of the most popular ones include places like Ambaon, Bommasandra, Chinnaswamy, Kaveri, Kengeri, Kothaguda, Konark and Lakshmi Narayan.

Hampi has a lot of varieties of beaches, featuring white sand, black sand, soft sands, and some are very lush. The white sands offer you different experiences that you may not be able to find elsewhere in the world. Many tourists love to go for kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming to enjoy the view of the serene white sands.

Hampi is also home to a lot of churches and monuments that add to the glamour of the destination. Some of the most famous monuments are Srirangam and Vembanad, which are situated at the northern part of the city.

Famous for its tea plantation, the city of Hampi has the seven largest tea gardens. Visit these gardens during your travel to this destination and enjoy the relaxing ambiance of tea drinking.

Trekking is another interesting activity that you can do in Hampi. For those who are interested in nature and peace, trekking will surely bring a lot of experiences. Tram tours also allow you to experience the luxury of seeing the rich forest life, deep forests and breathtaking views from the trestle foot bridge.

Apart from all the major tourist destinations in Hampi, there are also a lot of popular heritage sites that are located near the city of Bangalore. Some of the highlights of these locations include Sevanti PKR Museum, Museum of Natural History, Hampi Fort and Hermannthala Cultural Centre.

Green tea is a regional specialty of this destination and is available at almost every tea plantation. You can also try the famous freshly roasted green tea that is also one of the famous travel destinations.

One of the most famous touristic spots in Hampi is the Lake Ashok, where you can enjoy the many water sports and explore the place. During your trip to this destination, you can also try many interesting golf courses and adventure sports such as paragliding, canoeing, mountain biking and kayaking.

The city of Hampi is also famous for the gondola rides that are also available for your enjoyment. These rides take you up to the top of a tall tower where you can enjoy panoramic views of the entire city.

Holidays to this destination are also ideal for backpackers who want to experience the sightseeing without having to spend a fortune on accommodation. You can enjoy your holidays in Hampi by exploring the local markets and visiting places that will be very memorable for you.