Stranger Things 4 ': The Writers Give Hints About Story On Twitter

Stranger Things 4 ‘: The Writers Give Hints About Story On Twitter

Without knowing the premiere date or official synopsis or cast or almost nothing, fans of ‘Stranger Things’ were in limbo when, a few months ago, what little we knew about the new episodes is that Hopper was alive in Kamchatka and that The reading of the scripts for season 4 had already begun.

Well, we have taken a new (and intriguing) step by the hand of the writers of ‘Stranger Things’, one of the most successful series Stranger Things Season 4 on Netflix. Last Monday, the writers were a bit ‘hesitating’ to the users and giving the fans of the series a few hints about one of its most popular characters, Steve.

They also shared a photo from the last episode of the third season with the intriguing text: “Are the boys okay?”. What will they want to tell us? Is there a great danger?

A few months ago, we saw the news on Millie Bobby Brown‘s Instagram account and it left us with a strange feeling. Because we love Stranger Things but we don’t want this season (the fourth) to be the last. We can’t stand a year without waiting for the Hawkins stories, seeing how teenagers grow into adults, and the world being, in part, without magic.

After thousands of announcements with a mysterious “We are no longer in Hawkins”, we know (at last!) What the new destination is for this series, nothing more and nothing less than the desolate Peninsula of Kamchatka, located in the Russian Far East.

Exactly here (now the bad news is coming) Hopper is arrested (mini point for all those fans who claimed that the police chief in Hawkins was still alive) who will have to face the dangers of this new world and, of course, others.

Of course, the United States is not going through a better situation, a new danger emerges, something that seemed to have been buried for a long time and that seems to finally connect everything. Without a doubt, with these first images and with only a few clues of what will come on Netflix, it looks like it is being proposed as the most surprising and terrifying season so far.

Well, after becoming a TT for hours knowing that Hopper was alive – let’s say because the last chapters of the third season did not give it as a crazy hypothesis -, today we learn that the first script reading has been made of the new chapters through a video recorded by Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler).

Where will they take us?

They themselves already said the following: “We are absolutely delighted to continue our relationship with Netflix,” the brothers express in a statement. The Netflix team has been sensational, giving us the kind of support, guidance, and creative freedom we’ve always dreamed of. We can’t wait to tell more stories together, starting, of course, with a round trip to the Upsidedown! ”

A Rumour rotates around the death of Elfe!

Thus Stranger Things will have made it possible to introduce new actors including Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Noah Schnapp, Gaten Matarazzo, or even Natalia Dyer.

But while fans patiently waited for the 4th season, the COVID-19 landed. In fact, the adventure risks being delayed a little. So much so that rumors are rife!

Scheduled for 2021, Stranger Things casts doubt on the death of the flagship character of the series, Eleven. At the moment, the plot reveals nothing but the fans are sincerely starting to be afraid.

A trailer posted online some time ago showed that the city sheriff was not dead during the attack on the Russian lab. It remains to be seen what the future holds for Mike’s girlfriend! Case to follow…

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We do not know exactly when the next and last season will be released, but what we can do is go back to review the series to not miss a single detail. So, at last, the best thing I can say is to have patience and wait for its release then all the secrets will be revealed.