Metal Braces Vs Clear Aligners in India

Metal Braces Vs Clear Aligners in India

When you think of braces, what is the first thought that comes to mind? The image of a young girl or boy wearing metallic braces or flashing a metallic smile? If you said yes, you are not alone!

Most people associate ‘braces’ with ‘metallic braces’. But with the recent advances in dentistry, there are newer types of braces that are now available to straighten teeth. These new braces are called clear braces or aligners and have been introduced to do away with some of the disadvantages associated with metallic braces. Some common brands of aligners available in India include 32 Watts Clear Aligners, Invisalign, clear aligners, flash orthodontics etc.

So, what is the difference between metal braces and all these types of aligners?

Invisible Braces Vs Visible Braces

This is the most important difference between metal braces and aligners and also the biggest advantage that aligners have over metallic braces. Aligners are clear, transparent trays that are worn on the upper and lower teeth, unlike metallic braces that are metal brackets stuck on the surfaces of the teeth making it conspicuous.

Removable Clear Aligners Vs Fixed Braces

The next important difference between metal braces and aligners are the fact that aligners are removable whereas metal braces, like other braces, are fixed on teeth.

No restrictions Vs restrictions in diet

Have you ever heard people undergoing orthodontic treatment complain of the restrictions they have on what they eat? “I can’t eat my favorite toffee” or “I cannot eat meat off the bone” or “I can’t eat pani puri” are common things you hear people complain of. The reason for it is the fact that eating hard or sticky foods cause the metallic brackets stuck on the teeth to get dislodged, therefore delaying treatment.

On the contrary, when treatment is done using aligners, there are no restrictions on diet as one needs to remove the aligner trays while eating.

Good Vs Poor oral hygiene

Another problem that most patients wearing metallic braces face is that they are unable to maintain good oral hygiene. When there are brackets stuck on your teeth, being artificial in nature, they tend to attract more debris and food around them. This leads to gum inflammation, reddening and even bleeding.

But, when a patient is treated using aligners, he/she can easily maintain their routine oral hygiene procedures such as brushing and flossing. Due to this, they tend to have better oral hygiene than those wearing metal braces.

Simple Vs complex cases

This is one of the more technical differences between metal braces and aligners. While everyone wants to get straight teeth using aligners, your orthodontist will tell you that not everyone is a case for it. But why so?

Well, aligners are used to treat simple to moderately complex cases and can treat conditions such as:


      Mild crowding



      One or two tooth crossbites

      Mild single-tooth rotation 

This is probably one of the fewer disadvantages that aligners have as compared to traditional metal braces. Metal braces, contrary to aligners, can be used to treat all types of cases, even surgical ones. To Know More About Cost of Invisible braces in India.

Short  Vs Longer treatment times

Aligners are useful to treat simpler cases and also tend to apply lighter forces as compared to metallic braces that give the doctor the freedom to apply slightly larger forces. For this reason, the treatments performed with aligners can be slightly longer. But, the more common reason for longer treatment times seen aligners is due to poor patient compliance.

Yes, you read that right! The treatments using aligners is largely dependant on the patient’s compliance and discipline in wearing the trays as specified by the dentist. If a patient does not wear the aligner trays for the recommended number of hours each day or for the required number of days, the teeth do not move as expected. In such cases, the orthodontist recommends wearing the set of trays for an extended period, thereby delaying treatment time.

While both the treatment types – using metal braces and aligners, can result in straightened teeth, the ultimate choice of which to go for or which are the best for you is often a joint decision between you the patient and your orthodontist. If you are a case for aligners, ensure to opt for the best in the market such as 32Watts Clear Aligners! Contact us today For Braces Cost in Pune!