The Ideal Digital Mindset for a Company facing COVID-19

The Ideal Digital Mindset for a Company facing COVID-19

Timing is everything – especially at the moment. As we watch the world around us change dramatically, it can be difficult to know which is the ideal digital mindset for a company facing COVID-19.

Increase customer advertising and messages? Offer more offers? Create new discounts to keep sales? If there was a crystal ball to advise us at times like these, what would she say to do? Learn more below.

COVID-19: the next steps for your company

Answering the last question, what we would probably hear would be something like “Continue!”

Think with us: when everything around us seems to be in a state of chaos and uncertainty, we look for something solid, that gives us some parameters.

When we see brands or organizations doing business “as usual” or sending positive news and actions, we find hope and relief and begin to gravitate towards them.

But when we see apparently consolidated companies panicking, firing people and taking drastic actions, we want to avoid the same dilemmas and tend to distance ourselves from them and find alternatives.

The great truth is that consumer confidence will not change only with those brands that panicked and gave up during these difficult times – their loyalty will also be redirected.

Therefore, the ideal is that your company – as far as possible – keeps the course in terms of keeping its services available, in addition to following the guidelines of the local authorities.

But the most important thing is to maintain relevant and timely communication with your leads and customers, on a frequency that does not overwhelm your recipients. Remember, we’re all getting a lot of information right now – so adjust your digital mindset.

Here are some guidelines on how to use the online environment to stay connected in times of uncertainty, in order to keep customers aligned with your brand, trusting your position and operating from now until the moment life returns to normal, more once.

The importance of betting on a good digital mindset

Technologies like the cloud facilitate remote work, but it is not enough to access the server at home, especially when the entire workforce can be displaced over a long period.

Companies that had not yet applied digital transformation to their businesses today are suffering more to keep pace with the market and their customers – but there is still time to adapt and overcome the crisis.

Making a large-scale transition to new technologies may not be realistic (and according to your current budgets) in such a short period, but even taking a small step to allow some face-to-face interaction, although virtually, is a step in the direction certain.

So consider making some efforts:

  • Keep the communication going : if your company periodically sent emails with insights, products and promotions, keep doing it. But avoid the old marketing, from sale to sale. Instead, bet on good stories and success stories;
  • Don’t minimize the situation : the most suitable digital mindset is, above all, respectful. So stay sensitive and real. Analyze the influencers your company or your industry relies on right now – their conduct can say a lot about your company, from the perspective of consumers;
  • Do not treat the situation as opportune : do not offer special promotions for Coronavirus and do not focus your communication on donations and other good deeds that your company has been doing at this moment – this comes up in the right way;
  • Use social media the right way : avoid using social media to increase impressions with insights into the situation, unless your company really has useful information that makes a difference and is a reliable source for the topic at hand;
  • Provide a healthy distraction : stressful times are not ideal for promoting sales, as efforts are unlikely to achieve what they would achieve in less uncertain times. However, it is a great time to tell stories about your brand, your employees, your community causes, your vision. Take advantage of this time and bet on a digital mindset that helps build good goodwill for your brand.

It is important to think long term

What we are experiencing today in United Kingdom is already under control in other parts of the world. This means that, at some point, health authorities will contain the pandemic and things will return – even in new patterns of normality.

But that does not mean that the digital mindset adopted in this period should be put aside in the future: crisis management plans must not end just because the crisis is over. Team executives and managers should see this as an opportunity to create or refine broader digital policies.

Whether for a few weeks or months, companies must adapt to the new realities that the coronavirus presents.

Executives who know how to structure new work methodologies will not only lead companies that are better prepared to survive this crisis, but will also become stronger in the coming years. And digital marketing is part of that. Adjusting your company’s digital mindset as soon as possible is essential not only to get through this period, but to keep your operations ahead of the market after this moment and beyond.

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