When in Bangkok, visit the H Gallery for contemporary art with a mostly Asian focus. Established by American-born Ernest H. Lee and located in a 120-year-old Anglo-Thai mansion on trendy Rak Kamratchamun Road (also known as Soi 6), this two-story gallery specializes exclusively to showcasing fine arts from across Thailand alongside other parts of Asia like Japan or China which are very popular among tourists because they bring their wealth back home after visiting these countries

At first, glance when driving down “Rak kamratchumoon” road towards Bangrak district you might think there isn’t much happening but once inside what seems at least initially like just another shopping center become clear quickly enough.

H Gallery began working with the Irish-born art critic and curator Brian Curtin in 2011 to create experimental projects for their space on Dublin’s second floor. This includes performances, installations by Thai artists Mit Jai-Inn (2012) or Aroonkrung Krungles Chakrakoen Wisma type of work–a collaboration between H & Ghurra that has been installed at National Museum Bangkok since October 2015,[3] among others things happening here now!

The gallery has worked with a variety of local and foreign artists, including Tada Hengsapkul. In 2012 they mounted an exhibition dedicated to the work of Thai-American artist Michael Shaowanasai which featured new paintings on display for all visitors

H Gallery no longer operates an exhibition space on Sathorn Road in the City of Bangkok.
The gallery has evolved so please visit this site for information on available artwork, and past and future projects.
Enquiries: +66 850215508 / [email protected]

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