Adventis ENT clinic is committed to offering quality ENT care through a comprehensive range of diagnosis and treatment services. Indeed, recognised as the best ENT specialist clinic in Delhi for ear, nose, and throat to treat conditions like hearing loss, sinusitis, snoring, sleep apnea, voice & swallowing disorder, thyroid, allergy, tonsillitis, and more. Adventis ENT hospital is led by Dr. (Prof) Ameet Kishore; FRCS(UK) – a proficient ENT surgeon in Delhi.

The ENT clinic Delhi has the expertise for Paediatric & Adult disorders of Ear, Nose & Sinus, Throat & Voice, Head & Neck, Hearing & Speech disorders. With 27+ years of experience to offer International and National experience brought together with offering the latest technology with excellent quality.

Adventis ENT & Cochlear Implant Clinics provide excellent standards of care to children and adults for all conditions of Ear & Hearing, Nose & Sinus, Throat & Voice, Head & Neck. The teams are available in Delhi (NCR) : Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida & Faridabad.

The Adventis ENT Clinic is committed to providing the best diagnosis and treatment for ear, nose, throat, head, and neck problems in children and adults. The clinic specialises in cochlear implant surgery in Delhi. The chief consultant Dr. (Prof.) Ameet Kishore at Adventis Clinic brings over 20+ years of experience in ear surgery and all types of auditory implant. He has successfully completed 1500+ cochlear implant surgery.

The Adventis ENT & Cochlear Implant Clinic is recognized as the best place to find an ENT specialist in Delhi. The clinic offers complete diagnosis and treatment for all ear, nose, throat, head, and neck-related conditions for all ages. Their team consisted of qualified ENT doctors, ENT surgeons, Cochlear Implant Surgeons, Audiologists, and Speech Therapists. The clinic is located in Greater Kailash, South Delhi which makes it the most prominent center in Delhi to get treatment for ENT conditions.

Adventis ENT Clinic 15 Years of Quality Service in ENT Surgery

Dr.(Prof.) Ameet Kishore is a graduate of the AFMC (Pune) and was awarded the medal for ENT. He obtained his higher surgical training in ENT Surgery in the UK and attained Fellowships of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh as well as the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow.

He has received special training and experience in Microscopic Ear surgery, Neuro-Otology, Cochlear Implants, Endoscopic Sinus Surgery and in Paediatric ENT at various centres in UK, Europe and USA.

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Speech and Language Therapy

The program is designed to provide consultation, support, and treatment to kids & adults who experience challenges with communication. Our team specializes in providing treatment for Misarticulation, Stammering, Speech Delay, Cleft Palate, Swallowing Problem, and Voice Disorder. We also offer rehabilitation for pre and post-cochlear implants.

SpHear is a leader in providing speech and language diagnosis and treatment for hearing disorders, pediatric speech impediments, and other communication problems in children.

Hearing Devices

We help you discover the right hearing device that matches your lifestyle. Our dedicated team of audiologist and therapist help you in preserving and enhancing your hearing ability through an exceptional hearing healthcare product and services like diagnostics, programming, adjustment, cleaning, hearing aid batteries, and hearing aid accessories.

We specialize in using advanced technology and innovative audiological team to provide you the best in class hearing healthcare solution that you always deserve.

Testing & Diagnostics

The SpHear clinic offers a range of testing and diagnostic service to evaluate cognitive skills, neurodevelopmental delay, pediatric hearing assessment, Pure-tone ABR testing, speech & language therapy, emotional & behavioral difficulties, and learning difficulty (such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia).

We understand how speech and hearing disorders can be debilitating and how they can impact someone’s life. Our therapist works closely to provide personalized treatment.

Audiological Services

Identification and intervention of hearing loss are available to monitor your child’s hearing. We are committed to delivering high-quality service and for using the most innovative hearing device. We understand your busy lifestyle and want to help you get the most out of it. Get an appointment today with our hearing health professional.

SpHear clinic excels in hearing solution provider with an innovative hearing evaluation technique, early identification, treatment, and rehabilitation.

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