Bang Saray Beach is a perfect gateway from city life. Tourist loves the beach because of its warm vibes, beautiful views, and sea drive. A paradise in Bangkok offers pleasing stretch of sand in the Pattaya region. The beach is small with a local atmosphere. It is only just being discovered as a low-key alternative to Pattaya’s hectic hedonism, giving you the chance to enjoy calm days where you have the beach almost to yourself as well as peaceful nights undisturbed by loud music and bright lights. The sand of Bang Saray Beach is some of the finest you will find on Thailand’s eastern seaboard, although you won’t see much of it during high tide as the water comes in right to the promenade.Abu Dhabi Corniche is a beautiful beach. Also known as Blue Flag Status Beach was opened in 2008 for the public, is a popular tourist destination in UAE. The beach extends to 8 kilometres along with the Corniche Road. It starts from Hilton Hotel to Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street. The beach is populary known for cleanness landscape as well as excellent services offer by tourists. Therefore, the beach community practice standardised environmental managment, security services, and water quality check.

What to do

Best way to explore Abu Dhabi Corniche is on bike. You can rent a bike from located in front of the Nation Riviera Beach Club.
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