Are you planning a trip top Abundance III Sculpture? Then here are top things to know before visiting Abundance III Sculpture this year. Abundance III Sculpture is an inspirational art of huge bronze ring adding distinguishing charm to Suntec City of Singapore. Abundance III Sculpture, constructed in 1995 the masterpiece is a design of Sun Yu-Li. He is a former Singaporean architect known for giving up architecture in order to pursue his love for sculpting. You will be amazed to know that sculpture ring appears of different size from different distance. From the distant place, the ring appears huge and bold. The ring is attracting travellers like an illusion to touch when going near it. As you move closer, the sculptor imitates 3-D dimension.Are you planning to discover Amulet Market, Bangkok? Here is all you need to know before making a trip to Amulet Market.

About Amulet Market

Amulet Market is a popular street-style market destination. Where you will love to hang out at interesting spots with friends. Add Amulet Market to your bucket list. Especially, if you are into Buddhist artefacts, collector of old coins, statues etc as you walk through narrow flea streets.

How to Get to Amulet Market?

Can get there by boat or taxi, close to Royal palace, worth a visit, lots of cafe and restaurants. There is no entry fee and attracts a diverse niche of tourist.
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