Assumption Cathedral in Bangkok is a historic tourist Chruch. The place is well-maintained and feels like a newly built architecture. It is difficult to miss the Charoen Krung Road near the Chao Phraya River. The place has a history dated back in 1662. Assumption Cathedral is a centre of Catholicism in Thailand.

History of Assumption Cathedral

Assumption Cathedral named after biblical name for death and passage to heaven of the Virgin Mary. The church is the lingering legacy to French missionary those first arrive to Thailand in the mids 1600. In the late 1700s, following the move to Ayuthaya from Bangkok. Missionary leader requested a French architect to design origin Assumption Cathedral in 1809. Perhaps, the complete architecture eas funded by the Catholic Teochew-Chinese businessman, including Brother Jacobe, Low Khiok Chiang. In 1900s Italian architects replaced the initial structure. However, during World War II, the Assumption Cathedral sustained damage from allied bombing. After which it was restored more or less. Assumption Cathedral remained the most important religious place in Thailand ever since it was first built.

How to Reach Assumption Cathedral

To reach Assumption Cathedral en route from Charoen Krung Road, walk down to Charoen Krung Sio 40. You will find a brown sign on the left road about chruch direction. passing through the gate on the right takes you along the northern side of Cathedral before entering to the courtyard.
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