Explore awesome floating market in Bangkok. Amphawa is recognized as the second-largest floating market in Bangkok. While popularly known is the biggest authentic market with exclusive visitors from Thailand. Amphawa market is located 50 km from Bangkok in Samut Songkhram. Apparently, the market is been around since the mid 17th century.  Food stalls on the riverbank attract travellers specifically on weekends.Bang Saray Beach is a perfect gateway from city life. Tourist loves the beach because of its warm vibes, beautiful views, and sea drive. A paradise in Bangkok offers pleasing stretch of sand in the Pattaya region. The beach is small with a local atmosphere. It is only just being discovered as a low-key alternative to Pattaya’s hectic hedonism, giving you the chance to enjoy calm days where you have the beach almost to yourself as well as peaceful nights undisturbed by loud music and bright lights. The sand of Bang Saray Beach is some of the finest you will find on Thailand’s eastern seaboard, although you won’t see much of it during high tide as the water comes in right to the promenade.
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