Quick Trader Course


Quick trader course is where students aspire to become intraday or positional traders. This course covers basic knowledge of the stock market and how to spot profitable stocks based on UDTS© parameters. It is the best share market trading training course in India.


Develop smart trading skills from beginning to advanced strategies. Join Online Quick Trader Program designed by IFMC Institute. IFMC is recognized as India’s leading stock market institute in Delhi. With online share trading course, you can learn at your own place. The Quick Trade Course is divided into two:
  • Stock Market Course for Beginners
  • Uni-Directional Trade Strategies

What will you get?

Quick trader program will give you insight the mechanism of the trading world. We start with understanding the basics of the four market – capital market, currency market, capital market, and commodity market. Then we will take a look at the smart trading strategies to study the market prices. This will help you create exciting trading opportunities.