Stock Market Course For Beginners


Stock market course for beginners is divided into 19 videos that can be taken in 9 hours. The stock market online course for beginners is a foundational program. You create a powerful knowledge of tools and techniques important for the functioning of the securities market.

Students will get an insight into financial jargon like IPOs, Mutual Fund, Technical Analysis, Equities, and more. It is a perfectly blended course with the regulatory framework of the commodity.


Online stock market course beginners by IFMC Institute is an ideal programme for entry-level investors or traders. If you are passionate about the stock market then this is the key course to get started with an introduction to the share market. This course covers important topics share market including: 
  • Different types of market
  • Various types of investment
  • What is IPO
  • Regulatory framework
  • Basics of fundamental market
  • Understanding trading