Uni-Directional Trade Strategies©


Short description: UDTS Bunch of 9 Strategies for Intraday & Positional Trading, IFMC is India’s No-1 institute for stock market education. IFMC’s UDTS has made IFMC leaders in stock market education. UDTS is a boon for every trader. A bunch of 9 simple strategies with no cumbersome tools of Technical Analysis for accurate and confident trade in the Intraday & Positional Market.


Uni-Directional Trade Strategies is an online stock trading course designed by IFMC Institute. If you want to learn 9 finance trading strategies to earn profits in intraday trading, this course is a must for you. After completing the course you will be able to make a trading strategy that is verified, quantifiability, objectivity, and consistency. For every trading strategy, one needs to define assest exit and entry points. Bad money management can potentially put your money at risk.