Ajanta Caves - An Ancient Architectural Marvel

Ajanta Caves – An Ancient Architectural Marvel

The Ajanta Caves is an ancient architectural marvel. A trip to the caves is like traveling back in time to ancient India. This cave formation is one of the seven wonders of the world.

There are two ancient ways to enter the caves; you can go in by foot or you can climb down the deep pits. It is recommended that you go in by foot to avoid the mud, snakes and dust that the cave dwellers are known for. People have been staying inside the caves for thousands of years. The cave dwellers need a source of fresh air. When you enter the caves, you will find yourself surrounded by a beautiful and fresh air.

The ceiling in the caves is up to two thousand feet high. The caves are lined with picturesque vistas, which are ideal for photography. If you take a trip to the caves, you will find yourself feeling as if you are in another world.

If you travel to the caves in a group, you can book it into a special tour package. Group travel to the caves is very popular for its great fun and adventures.

Travel packages to the caves include three main things. The first is that you have the best vantage point to watch the animals of the Amu Darya and Eris rivers. Travelers can choose the places where they want to go for camping and also the area where they want to climb down. Most travel operators also provide accommodations for the travelers along with other amenities.

Most travel operators also offer deluxe accommodation in addition to their package deals. Most of the travelers will prefer this option because they can eat out and they get to stay in luxury.

Many travelers who want to explore the vast region of the Indian subcontinent opt for a wildlife tour. There are many varieties of animals that are spotted on the trip. Some of them include: African elephants, leopards, wolves, lions, buffalo, giraffes, hippos, and crocodiles.

You can choose to go on a safari during your tour. It is advisable that you book your trip in advance so that you do not miss out on this opportunity. There are many destinations where you can choose to visit. You can go to Ajanta and explore the beautiful desert of the cave.

Visit the Hindu temples along the way. You can also get to visit places where kings, queens and emperors lived. You can also visit the Taj Mahal and the Empire of Silk.

Visit the places where India’s royal dynasties roamed. Ajanta Caves is one of the places where the art of India is still alive and you can experience the beauty of the past centuries.

Visit the shrines that are worth a visit. Some of the places that you can visit include Ajanta Buddha, Ganges Devi, etc.

Travel to the Ajanta Caves is not only for those who love nature and travel. It is also for those who want to enjoy a stay in a comfortable environment, travel in comfort and at times visit an era when Indian art was at its peak. Enjoy a wonderful trip to the beautiful land of India.