How to Remove Ketchup Stain: The Complete Cleaning Kit. Check out!

How to Remove Ketchup Stain: The Complete Cleaning Kit. Check out!

When you look at the stain, it looks like it’s going to be impossible to take off, isn’t it?But since nothing is impossible, we have the tricks of how to completely remove ketchup stain.  Learn it now!

Ketchup: Always a good choice!

How to remove ketchup stain
Have you noticed how ketchup is always accompaniment when the moment is pleasant? A dinner with family, a pizza with friends, a hamburger with fries on Sundays, while watching a good show. There is controversy about the health benefits or harms of ketchup, but the truth is that it is very tasty. The problem arises when the tube fails and flies ketchup everywhere or when we touch the sleeve of the blouse in the sauce. Hence come the stains on clothes, towels, chairs, armchairs, rugs and other upholstery. If the fabric is light then the stain becomes even more visible due to the ketchup’s strong red pigment. So how do you get ketchup stain?It’s possible?

Initial treatment

Of course yes! While not a simple stain to remove, it is possible if you take some care and perform the procedures we are going to teach today.

The first tip is: be quick! The sooner you remove the stain, the easier it will be. Do not wait hours before cleaning, as the old, dry stain can degrade the fabric and become permanent.

For starters, remove excess ketchup with a spoon, spatula or napkin. Be delicate, especially with fine fabrics.

How to Remove Ketchup Stain From Clothes



How to Remove Ketchup Stain From Clothes

Did you get ketchup on your clothes? To remove the stain leave the piece in cold running water for a moment so that it runs through the wrong side of the stain.

Then wash your laundry with liquid soap and let it dry naturally.

How to Take Ketchup From White Outfit

If the garment is white, the effort should be redoubled as the stain will be more apparent.

Do the same procedure as the previous tip. If the stain does not come off completely, use non-chlorine bleach during washing. Repeat the process until the stain is removed and then wash normally.

Want to learn how to make your bleach at home? Check out how to make bleach with an easy step by step!

How to Remove Old Ketchup Stain

If you missed our tip to remove stains as soon as possible, that’s fine. Old stains require special attention as they are more attached to the fabric fibers.

In this case, we recommend pre-treatment. What does that mean?

  1. Apply liquid soap to the stain in a circular motion and let it act for a moment.
  2. Then add some more product to the parts wash and if necessary repeat the process.

With this procedure your stain will be minimized.

How to Remove Ketchup Stains Using Vinegar

White vinegar is also a powerful cleaning product that acts on tissues by removing stains, odors, bacteria and other microorganisms.

  1. This tip starts similar to the first. Drop cold water over the fabric so that it runs through the wrong side of the stain.
  2. Then rub liquid detergent over the stain.
  3. And now let’s jump to the cat! With the help of a soft sponge, apply vinegar or lemon juice to the stain, letting it work for a few minutes.
  4. Then wash normally!

How to Remove Ketchup Stains From Rugs & Upholstery



How to Ketchup Stain Off the Rug

And if your case is more serious and the ketchup accident happened on the carpet, the couch, the dining table chair or any other upholstery, don’t worry. There is also a solution for you!

Here’s how to clean:

  1. Remove excess with a spatula or spoon as recommended earlier.
  2. Make a solution of ¼ teaspoon of liquid detergent and ½ cup of cold water.
  3. Dip a clean towel into the mixture and lightly rub the stain, being careful to make outside movements (so the stain will not spread).
  4. Repeat until the dirt comes out.

If the stain persists, the solution is to have a professional alternative. The Cleaning Services Jersey City is the leading upholstery cleaning and carpet segment in New Jersey.

Its semi-dry scrubbing technique removes stains deeper and more effectively than home cleaning.

Importing equipment from Europe is used for vacuum suction of dirt and cleaning product of Japanese origin. It is a shampoo suitable for fabrics with high potency in cleaning, removing stains, odors, miscellaneous residues and up to 99.7% of microorganisms that proliferate between the fibers of the tissues.

The services are performed at home, so you do not even have to leave home.

Special cares

When we talk about spots, we must remember that it is important not to despair. Some people, not knowing how to remove ketchup stains from their tissues, tend to rub vigorously, causing irreparable damage to their clothing or upholstery.

  • So act gently and if you are not sure to carry out the tips we have given you, do not hesitate to call a professional.
  • Also, always look for the stained product label to check the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. Check out our guide to understand all the wash symbols .
  • Whenever you put a stained garment on the machine, wash it separately so as not to stain the others.

And remember: accidents happen, but everything has a solution!