5 Tips for Press Releases That Get Noticed Right Away

5 Tips for Press Releases That Get Noticed Right Away

If you are running a company or an organization, then you know about the essential need for press releases. A press release informs the public about recent news and updates concerning your organization, new product launches, etc. It helps you to disseminate information to the public at large, through various channels, including RSS feeds. If you are not sure how to develop a press release, then you can always opt for a professional press release writing service. But when it comes to press releases, you must check out the various tips, to develop an outstanding release.

The length matters

The first thing that you would notice about press releases is that they are short, crisp and provide the required information, in a ‘factual’ way. In simple terms, press releases are not sales pitches, but it is a format that helps to provide others with essential information about new product launches and other relevant information. You must keep your press releases within 300-400 words; avoid all sales pitches and promotional talk. Focus on providing the public with pertinent information regarding your product, and that’s it.You must provide them with a clear outline, one that’s filled with the required information. And do remember that if you are looking to hard-sell your product, a press release is not one of the ways to go about it.

Start with an outline

When it comes to developing a press release, one of the best ways to go about it is to develop an overview. First decide what you would like your press release to be about, develop an outline with three or four points and then rewrite those points in a ‘factual’ manner, sans any frills or promotional content. Keep it brief and to the point. For example, if you want to develop a new press release about your new product, then you would wish your press release to contain information about key benefits and list out what makes the product different from others. You may want to highlight the fact that your product is different from countless others, and that you can back up your claim with verifiable results.  For example, footlocker homeview is gaining trend.


Do remember that journalists often love quotes and would use the same in their stories. So make sure that your press release is centered on a few quotations – it could get republished by more than a few journalists to date. But make sure that the quote you use is relevant and makes sense, and not something that has nothing to do with your end product.

Media list

It would be a good idea to send out the press releases to a few journalists. You should have a good idea of the sort of press release that the news. So make sure that you develop the release so that it appeals to various news organizations and releases. Gears TV sets is the best paragon to explain this.

Reach out to a few influencers

Apart from sending out your release via the wires and RSS feeds, you may also want to reach out to a few influencers. You may want to develop an email, with the topic listed out and the press release contained in the body. And with the right influencers, your press release should garner more eyeballs. These are some of the essential press release writing tips. And as mentioned earlier, you may want to Google search for “press release writers for hire.” The resulting SERPS should help list out some of the top-ranked press release writers whose services you may want to obtain for developing the killer press release.