5 Tips How To Be A Good Restaurant Server

5 Tips How To Be A Good Restaurant Server

So, you’ve got a job as a waiter at a five star hotel, and it’s your first time serving tables, and you’re nervous concerning screwing up. Managing all things correctly on the first day can absolutely be a challenging experience still if you have already gone through all the training system of the restaurant. By following these tricks and tips, you will be on your way to being a great server in no time.  Below are five serving suggestions for new and old servers to maximize their shift. 

The Guest Is Always Correct

The very first policy of being an excellent waiter is to keep in mind that the guest is always correct. This is your job because your guests are paying great cash for it. Thus, if the food appears not to their contentment, do not try to argue with your guests. Rather be nice, quickly take it back as well as provide them something else and afterward tell your manager about it, who will come to the table and ask guests directly about the issue. By doing this, there are more chances that you still get a great tip at the end of the meal. 

Look Professional And Friendly

You should always talk in a friendly way to your guests, but not too much friendly because it looks unprofessional. You should not appear to be overly friendly as this will likely make your table feel awkward. Alternatively, you want to behave like a professional. Come up with a way welcoming your tables that slides off your tongue well. It can’t be the same for every person and stay with it when very first talking to your guests.

Learn Your Menu

It is a normal thing that your customer will ask questions about the menu and ‘specials’ of the restaurant, so that is why you need to understand that what thing you are serving to customers. You should know about your restaurant recipes so you should look professional when questioned about food allergy components like peanuts or gluten, along with whether a menu dish is really vegan. 

Food Should Be Hygienic

Looking professional, neat, and clean is an essential part of a job. Ensure that your fingernails are clean, your hair should not be on your face, shoes and uniform should look clean and wrinkle-free. Furthermore, avoid consuming alcohol heavily before your shift. Because no one wishes to smell your drunkenness while ordering a meal. 

Upselling Is Important But Not In A Ridiculous Way

Upselling is another technique to increase the whole bill, which additionally raises your tip. However, the secret is to do it without making it look like you are upselling, which will swiftly switch off your visitors. You can get a feeling of your customer’s budgets normally by observing your customer’s attitude. You can see that whether or not they purchase drinks immediately and how much they are drinking. If the drinks are streaming, for example, let’s suppose that you’re working at a Mexican hotel, then try offering a margarita along with extra expensive tequila. Asking if someone desires dessert or coffee is one more excellent upsell technique. If the customer is regular and seems to know what they want, then do not attempt to pitch them on bonus as it might hurt your tip.