Amarnath Yatra - Pilgrimage Best Travel Destination

Amarnath Yatra – Pilgrimage Best Travel Destination

Amarnath Yatra is one of the most famous pilgrimages in India. It is an experience like no other and attracts people from all across the world. As Amarnath is the hill station in the state of Uttarakhand, it has been known as the holy land of India.

A pilgrimage to the hill station of Amarnath is incomplete without a visit to this destination. It has some of the most stunning backdrops of the world and attracts thousands of pilgrims on a daily basis. The place is best known for its majestic ashrams and gorgeous gardens. Besides, the hill station also boasts of some of the finest religious structures of the world.

The main and major attraction of the place is the Shankhganga Samitis. This five-storeyed structure is located at the mouth of the Maha Pre-Mausoleum.

It is a spotless sandstone building that provides a clear view of Mount Kailash. The most awe-inspiring feature of the structure is that the whole building is roofed with tiled tiles. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful examples of art and architecture.

There is another beautiful building that is situated at the main entrance of the pilgrim’s place. It is a meandering path which winds through beautiful grounds. It was built by Maharaja Ranjit Singh during his reign.

One of the best places to visit while visiting Amarnath is the Samit Vidhyans. It is a sanctuary, which is located at the headwaters of the River Pauri. It is filled with more than sixty-six feet wide stepping stones.

You can visit this place with help of the help of travel sites. It is a majestic structure that has been constructed for over three centuries. It can be accessed through a walkway that follows the river from the banks to the main temple.

Its structure is designed in such a way that it wraps up the entire piece of land. In fact, it has been known to last for over four hundred years.

It is a two-mile long edinamohi chinar. It can be accessed by following the footpaths that are built in a loop. The bridge that can be seen at the end of the edinamohi chinar is another highlight of the place.

People who want to take a tour to the place should take a look at the Havelis which are available at almost all the popular travel sites. They provide spectacular views of the region and are as attractive as the Samit Vidhyans.

Travel websites also provide attractive options for tourists to get an idea about the destinations that they have to visit during their Amarnath Yatra. They offer a complete list of the different destinations that can be visited during the data and a list of some of the most popular things to do while touring this region.

All the best tourist destinations like Amarnath, Leh, Manali, Khajuraho, Rishikesh, and Kanchanabari are available in the tourist sites that are listed by travel sites. Moreover, they also give an idea about the accommodation options that you can have for a perfect tourism experience.