Nightlife in Gangtok - A Traveler

Nightlife in Gangtok – A Traveler

Many people may not have heard of Gangtok, which is a large city in the state of Orissa. This is actually its name, the state of Orissa being a constituent country of India. However, one thing that most travelers do not know about this place is that it is a beautiful destination. The city is just too beautiful to be overlooked. The Tripura border is located here and the people of Gangtok are native to these North Eastern states. The tourist in search of a cheap but memorable travel trip to Gangtok can consider this place as a budget vacation destination. Tourists can choose to visit the city in both winter and summer. The general rule of thumb would be to visit Gangtok during the monsoon season. There are many places that can be visited in this city. There are some good restaurants and bars in the city, where tourists can have a good meal. These places are called “Sambhar”. These places are located around the Old Town. The Victoria Memorial Building is also one of the good places to visit in the city. It is a small monument that was built to commemorate the British Empire. This building can be visited during any part of the day and is generally considered a good spot for the nightlife. This building has several rooms for viewing the popular Victoria Crosses of the past. Other places to visit are the Borihari Palace, Gudaveli fort, Red Fort, etc. Some of the primary attractions in this place include, Daphan Mandir, Darshan Mandir, Dharnai Palace, Mandirwara Devi, Tiger Palace, Drumala Mandir, etc. People who visit this place often prefer to spend their vacations here in springtime. The summertime is when this place is more crowded and tourists are more likely to be spotted. Travelers should visit the park “Vatiya Devi”Chintamani River”. They can enjoy a relaxing time at “Sanjivani Sansthan” or the “Sant Bhim” in the evening. A great time to visit is during the month of March. If visitors want to see nature, they can visit the ‘Orsett Gardens’. They can also go for a walk through the ‘Guwahati Rani’. They can also visit the historic city of Gangtok by travelling in buses from the city center. Travelers are advised to buy food before traveling as a single meal does not guarantee that they will get enough rest. A small pack of food is highly recommended. Other traditional sarees can be purchased from the different stores located in the town. There are many other places to visit and one can visit them. For instance, they can visit the Bakuli Durga Temple, the Gautam Buddha Statue, the Jain Temples, the Vaishno Devi Temple, the Sandheri Temple, etc. Travelers who plan to spend their vacations in Gangtok can also visit a lot of places during their trip. For instance, they can go to the National museum, the Lonar colony, the Ranakpur Museum, the Panch Mahal, the National Tea Museum, etc. One can book flights for a journey to Gangtok or they can use a hotel option. Tourists can plan their tour in advance and enjoy their holidays in this beautiful destination. Other destinations of interest in the city are: the Forest Sanctuary of “Orissett Gardens”, the “Borahari” Rock and Mineral Museum, the “Jamshedpur Bagh”, the Sariska River, the “Bata Marg” Baga Lake, etc. A few famous hotels in the city are “Opatenopoli Palace Hotel “Gautham” Hotel”. The people who travel to Gangtok can stay in some great accommodation options in the city.