Visit Kasol - Cyprus

Visit Kasol – Cyprus

Kasol is a popular beach resort in Cyprus, and is considered one of the most beautiful resorts in Cyprus. Its location on the North Coast of the Island is just a short ferry ride from Kastoria.

The Island has many tourist attractions, including a unique society that thrives along the eastern coast of the Island. The culture and way of life here are something to behold. The selection of art forms is much different from the rest of the Cyprus culture.

The old Cyprus towns, known as “nation towns”, are both the perfect backdrop for locals to enjoy their culture and the perfect sightseeing spot for tourists. Many of these villages still have charm from their Greek or Roman history. All over the Island are national parks, which are ideal for a holiday in nature and adventure with wildlife.

The beaches of the Island are world renowned for their popularity, but it is not unusual to catch sight of families in Kasol, which have been going there for a long time. The beach in Kasol is one of the busiest in the whole Island. Every year, many more come to the Island in order to enjoy the warm weather.

The Hotel Paphos is a fine accommodation and attracts many tourists a long time ago. A wide array of water sports are available, making this a great beach for all family holidays. Beaches in the East are the most popular in Cyprus, and Kasol is an exceptional beach.

Beaches near Kasol are popular with holiday makers who want to travel to the Island and be close to their hotel. They also bring in more money for the hotels, but many people travel to Kasol in order to get a more relaxing holiday. This is a peaceful beach, so many will find peace after a busy trip, perhaps in the evenings.

The Hotel Royal is a small island destination resort, with some good food. There is also an array of fresh fish, of which there is a great variety. The local dishes are tasty, although very spicy. This is where you can make a day of exploring the Island.

The Cyprus national park is probably the most beautiful and wildest part of the Island. It is easily reached by road from Kasol, and it is worth seeing, particularly if you are driving or traveling by train. The park offers a wide variety of wildlife, all of which are truly wild.

As you begin to think about your own personal destination resort, it is hard to imagine anything that is more perfect than the beaches on the east coast of the Island. There is much to see and do, but the Islands are worth your time and money. It is possible to spend a full holiday on the Islands, so it is worth spending a little extra in order to explore everything that the Island has to offer.

It is possible to arrange for the most difficult and most fascinating tours. These can include a stop at the ancient ruins of Hypogeum, a city which is a crucial part of the history of the Island. The ancient caves were first discovered by a cave hunter in 1879. He was convinced to turn them into a tourist attraction, and today they are the most visited site in the Island.

The main tourist hub is the Lycian Way (Sarta Konikari) and it is here that you can visit the Imperial City of Cyprus. When it comes to history and culture, no place in the World has more. A few visitors still arrive for the historical attractions, but the majority use the Lycian Way to travel around the island.

The Lycian Way starts with the magnificent and largest cruise ship, the ‘Typhoon’. It has a restaurant and bars, shops and stands, and also a submarine which is an adventure for its own right. Once you have left the resort, the Lycian Way takes you to more of the gorgeous beaches of the island.