Visit Visakhapatnam - The Golden City

Visit Visakhapatnam – The Golden City

Visakhapatnam, known as the “White City”, is the most popular tourist destination in India. Located in the north west corner of the Indian peninsula, it is surrounded by great coastline and several other beautiful natural attractions. The city, spread over an area of 56 square kilometres, has been a major tourist attraction since many centuries. The Portuguese called it the “Island of Gods” because of its immense and beautiful beaches. The romantic seashore and romantic islands are a major attraction for tourists. A visit to Visakhapatnam is the best option for the relaxation seekers. The beauty of the city is also the major reason why people from all over the world come here to enjoy the rich history, art and culture. Visakhapatnam is the only place which can be considered as an “oasis” in the midst of the cruel, hot and arid world. It is a breathtaking and elegant city of more than one thousand years of history. The beauty of the sand dunes, the deserted beaches, the mesmerizing temples, the beautiful cityscape and the breath taking sunrise and sunset are some of the major attractions of the city. The state of Andhra Pradesh is located in the south-western part of India. It was formerly known as the “Dragon Capital” due to the presence of several dragon-headed fort. The shores of Lakshadweep and the surrounding seas were the breeding ground of these dragons. Kochi is the second largest city of the state. A beautiful town, Kochi has a lot to offer for the tourists. The historical monuments, delicious food and most importantly the close proximity to beaches and the Arabian Sea, make this city an ideal place for the vacationers. Apart from Kochi, Thiruvallam and Varkala are the other popular tourist destinations of the state. You can reach Visakhapatnam from the airport of Kochi by taking any bus that takes around 30 minutes. You can enjoy your stay in the city by visiting the famous temples, parks and gardens. There are quite a number of waterfalls and creeks in Visakhapatnam. They provide a truly relaxing experience for tourists. Visakhapatnam is also famous for its various other attractions such as beautiful beaches, cliffs, deep water creeks, rocky islands, etc. The beaches of Visakhapatnam are very clean and you can see the serene beauty of the sea side. There are several important beaches in the state, which are very popular among the tourists. People visiting Visakhapatnam for the first time are amazed with the picturesque beauty of the beaches. Beside the pristine beaches, there are many other exciting places in the city which are famous for the white sands and scenic beauty. If you want to explore the various temples in the city, then you can try for a walk on the Alappuzha beach. Beside the famous beaches, Visakhapatnam is the home of many famous beaches like Thelakkat Beach, Venniman Beach, Kambasan Beach, Sri Kudumbashree Beach and Kavany Beach. If you wish to explore the wonderful marine life, then you can try for a scuba diving. Visakhapatnam has many beautiful beaches that are very famous all over the world for their white sand and mesmerizing beauty. The city boasts of several beaches like Amravati Beach, Kottayam Beach, Salweenam Beach, Belur Beach, Beypore Beach, Somappuram Beach, Vembanad Beach, Tumkurkulam Beach, and many more. You can go for a stroll around the beaches or swim in the tranquil blue sea. The city also offers a variety of accommodation options for the tourists to choose from. The visitors can choose from hotels, guest houses, hotels, lodges, motels, resorts, restaurants, and bed and breakfast to stay in. With a wide range of accommodation options, it is possible to find the perfect accommodation for the tourists.