Ways to Enjoy Your Holiday in Wayanad

Ways to Enjoy Your Holiday in Wayanad

Wayanad, the capital city of Kerala, has a lot to offer for any traveler. From historical sites to beaches and resorts, a traveler could find something to suit their interest in Wayanad.

Wayanad is famous for its exceptional and gourmet delicacies such as butter fish and Mutton, as well as delicious curries. The beaches are also excellent places to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

A romantic holiday in Wayanad is certainly what people looking for in a place. The beaches are just perfect for making a peaceful and comfortable getaway. The water sports activities like scuba diving and surfing are also very popular.

A travel destination like Wayanad with its sights and sounds would not be complete without some camping sites. There are options for either tents or a temporary house in Wayanad. Most people who choose to camp sites in Wayanad do so because they have plans to spend a romantic evening with the one they love.

Wayanad, the capital city of Kerala, is one of the best travel destination in India. It is famous for its picturesque surroundings, which include beautiful beaches, hill stations, cave temples, Ayurvedic treatment and much more. The hotels and other accommodation facilities are equally impressive and include several budget hotels for travelers who have little budget.

Unlike other areas of Kerala, Wayanad has none of the noisy night life. The tourist activity at night is not that much in Wayanad. The area’s busy traffic keeps tourists from getting involved in the nightlife, thus reducing the crowd. Though there are places where nightlife can be had in Wayanad, it is mostly confined to the districts of Thalassery and Kozhikode.

The tourism industry in Wayanad has been thriving in India since more than a century. To attract tourists from abroad, it has been welcoming many foreign tourists in huge numbers. This is a remarkable feat considering the poverty of the state and the diversity of its population. A large number of people of all classes and faiths live in Wayanad.

Almost all the budget hotels in Wayanad are in the old city. These hotels are well-liked because of their traditional style of providing services and hospitality. Some of the cheap hotels in Wayanad are located in Kovalam and Madoora. There are a few luxury hotels like the Marriott Plaza Hotel, Radisson Hotel in Kovalam and the Resort Royalla for those with much disposable income.

A good place to start from Wayanad is by indulging in one of the many recreational activities. One can get to know the local culture, traditions and legends while experiencing some wonderful wildlife tours.

Even if one does not wish to see the wildlife, it is always a plus point to visit Wayanad for the exotic wildlife and bird species that are in abundance. These include such rare birds as African Grey and Pink Clematis. The tours that are conducted in Wayanad highlight its beauty.

The heart of Wayanad is a lake that has been called Pallichal lake after the local people. It is filled with wildlife and other interesting creatures, and is an excellent place to start the tourist attraction circuit. The most interesting tours are those that focus on viewing the aquatic life around the lake.

Visitors to Wayanad are bound to find some of the most exotic wildlife, including tigers, leopards, elephants, buffalo, crocodiles, snakes, birds, etc. The wildlife tour in Wayanad is available through several tour operators who specialize in wildlife tours and safaris. These tour operators also provide lodging for guests and provide them with complimentary food and refreshments at every destination.