5 Exercises To Improve Lung Function

5 Exercises To Improve Lung Function

Even performing regular house chores become a problem if you have a short lung capacity. Performing hard works and playing such sports and games, becomes a dream, which cannot be achieved. 

In short, even the slightest parts of life bring frustration. So what to do? Improve, of course! Improving the lungs condition will boost your overall health and your capacity to perform hard works. Let us see what we can come up to help you with this situation.

5 Common Exercises To Improve Lung Function

Here is a complete list of five exercises that will help you to improve lung function. All five exercises will help you to improve liver performance for the long-term.

1. Yoga

Yoga or yogic exercises mainly focus on maintaining a state of mind and heart for a longer time. This helps improve the health of the lungs as they are put through a kind of aerobic training for a certain time being. Yoga helps expand the walls of the lungs, thus improving the capacity.

Yoga should be performed every day; as it is not a rigorous exercise, there is no fear of hurting yourself. To perform every day to get the best out of this band of exercises.

2. Breathing Out

Stand straight with your feet flat on the ground and knees close. Bend down slowly; while bending down, exhale the whole amount of air in your lungs. Then while coming back to the original position, inhale as much air as you can.

Now hold this breath for a count of 20. While you count this, raise your arms straight over your head. After the count, bring them down, relaxed and exhaling. Perform a set of 4.

3. Cardiovascular Exercises

Cardio or aerobic exercises can offer a big window of opportunity for you to improve on your condition. Cardiovascular exercises, when done regularly, improve the heart, lungs and the whole body’s functionality.

A healthier heart pumps more (and enriched) blood throughout and the lungs. These exercises work on the whole cardio-respiratory system. Make sure to choose and perform one cardiovascular exercise for at least 3-5 days a week and for a time of 35-50 minutes.

4. Belly Breathing

Lie down flat on your back on a mat then place both hands’ palms on your stomach, just below the ribs. Breathe deeply until your stomach expands. Hold the breath for about 3-5 counts and then exhale, for a count of three to five appvalley. After done, repeat the breathing technique for five to 10 minutes.

5. Breathing With Pursed Lips

This is another useful method to improve lung capacity. Lie down on a flat surface. Now breathe out the whole amount of air in your lungs through your nose. Now start inhaling slowly and steadily.

While inhaling, do so with your mouth and your lips should be pursed (the inhaling will make a slight whistling sound). Try to extend this time as long as you can. It will help to expand the walls of the lungs and thus increase the capacity. Perform this exercise 6-8 times a day.

These are a few exercises, which you might try to improve on your lung condition. Try to increase the rate and intensity of your house chores; they will also help in your condition. But make sure that somebody is around when performing such works so that there’s somebody when and if they’re a problem arises.