Reverse Grip Curl Exercise For Your Biceps

Reverse Grip Curl Exercise For Your Biceps

Forearms and biceps are the most difficult parts of the body to tone and develop. Although, there are certain exercises, which specially focus on these muscle groups. 

Reverse grip curl is undoubted, the best one among them. It helps in toning and strengthening the brachioradialis muscle in the bicep region.

Importance And Techniques Of Reverse Grip Curl Exercise For Your Biceps

Here are four important things you should know about the exercise.

People’s Misconception

Many people are under a conception that reverse grip exercise is not that important for strengthening the bicep muscles. However, this is absolutely a wrong perspective as most weight lifters having huge biceps use this secret.

For example, people think that heavier weights cannot be lifted in this manner. However, you can easily lift almost equal weights, which are used for normal curls. You just need to know the perfect techniques and practice regularly.

Sometimes, people are not able to understand the progress and utility of this exercise at the beginning. This is because the reverse curl exercise primarily works on the brachioradialis muscle situated on the underside of the upper arm. You should practice regularly for visible effects.

Starting Of The Exercise

To do reverse curl, you will have to use an EZ Curl bar or a straight barbell like Olympic bar. At the beginning of this exercise, you should not use very heavyweights as you may injure the joints.

It should be at least half the weight used for normal barbell curl and then, gradually increased. First of all, you should keep the barbell in front of your feet and then, hold the barbell tightly with your hands.

You should make sure that the fingers are pointed inwards while gripping. As you lift the weight till your thighs, you should keep your body straight, your chin up and elbows touching the sides.

The Exercising Procedure

You must have understood that the barbell bar is gripped from the top, also known as pronated grip. As you pull the bar upwards, you will feel intense pressure on the brachioradialis muscles of the arms.

You can, however, bend your knees a little and not your hips or back. You should hold it upright to your chest for a few seconds and then, back to normal position. You should perform the exercise very slowly and inhale while lifting and exhale while putting it down.

Some Useful Tips 

  • You can alter the position of your handgrip from shoulder width to closer and then, wider to increase the intensity of the workout.
  • You should flex-back your wrist and let your elbows rise to the fullest. This will help in contracting the brachialis muscles most.
  • You should hold the bottom of the slope of EZ bar with your thumb as it will produce adequate pressure on the targeted muscle.
  • You should keep the elbows as close as possible as it will help variancetv in pulling the brachialis muscles.
  • You should do it under proper guidance and at the end of the other bicep strengthening exercises to reduce chances of injury.