Top 5 Creative Ways To Celebrate Raksha Bhandhan 2020

Top 5 Creative Ways To Celebrate Raksha Bhandhan 2020

Raksha Bhandhan is one of the famous Hindu festivals which falls on the full moon day in August. This auspicious day is the day of love & protection and fully dedicated to the beautiful brother-sister or siblings bond. Siblings are the first friend, first enemy, first secret-keeper, and partner in crime. They know you inside out and would never judge you. With time, you found many similarities & differences and all these sweet banters or fights makes your bond stronger. On the day of Rakhi, sisters & brothers wear new clothes and greet each other with awesome rakhi gifts. The rituals involve lighting a Diya that represents fire deity & sisters performs aarti of their brothers. They also apply tilak on the forehead of their brothers & feed them with rakhi sweets and pray for their well-being & prosperity. This festival lasts for a day but leaves countless memories to cherish forever. Do you want to know about the creative ways to celebrate the Raksha Bandhan 2020? If yes, then to help you, here we listed some excellent ways to make this auspicious day remarkable.     

Here are some of the creative & excellent ways to celebrate the Raksha Bhandhan 2020:

Watch Your Favorite Childhood Movies

Watching your favourite childhood movies together is one of the best ways to celebrate this auspicious occasion. Every sibling has a set of favourite movies which they watch in their childhood like Mr India, E.T., Harry Potter series, Makdee, Titanic, Mr Natwar Lal, etc. With time, people become busy, and brothers-sisters are hardly connected in the same way as they do during childhood. So Raksha Bandhan is the best time to spend time together & brings out the child inside you. Enjoy these movies together and relive the memories. If you are living in distant places, then you can send Rakhi gifts to your siblings and delight them.

Make Yummy Dishes In Kitchen

When you meet with your siblings on this Raksha Bandhan, then the things you do together would be cooking. Give full rest to your mom on this day and get into the kitchen to cook yummy dishes. It is one of the excellent & unique ways to celebrate this occasion. For making the delicious dishes, you can take help from the internet and make something that you have never made before. You all know that food is the best way to win the heart of your dear ones. Along with this, you can also search for fantastic rakhi gifts for brother for your brothers/sisters that doubles up the happiness and also make this day remarkable.

Crazy Photo Shoot

A crazy photoshoot is one of the ideal 2020 rakhi celebration ideas. You can contact a professional photographer or coax a friend to take your photos in various crazy manners. Girls can get their best dress and makeup and boys come with their swag wala attitude and get clicked in funny manners. You can put these pics as Insta, Whatsapp, and Facebook stories. In this way, you can spend your day in crazy & funny manners. It also gives you unforgettable memories which you can cherish later. After years, when your kids see these pictures, then you have many siblings stories to tell them. 

Grow More Plants

Taking a pledge to grow more and more plants with your siblings is the best rakhi celebration idea. You all know that our environment is reached at a risky level. So, inspire each of your siblings to grow more & more plants & save your environment. In this way, you will contribute to making your city a best & greenery place. Plant more trees around your house with your family on this auspicious day. Also, gift green plants to your siblings on this rakhi occasion. All-time, when you see these plants, then it recalls all the lovely memories spent with your siblings. 

Start A Book Club

You can start a book club with your siblings this year. Reading is a hobby that trains your brain and polishes the mind. So promise with your siblings to meet & talk about books every month. You can also talk to your friends who are book lovers and expand your group. This way, you get to know about amazing books that change your perspective towards life.