What Are The Most CommonTricks Used By Florists To Deceive You?

What Are The Most CommonTricks Used By Florists To Deceive You?

Flowers are often regarded to be the best gifts of nature, and you cannot just go wrong with them. They add an extra edge of enthusiasm to a special event with their heavenly beauty and sweet smell. A professional customized floral arrangement is best known for perfectly matching the theme of any occasion. However, many florists are increasingly taking to unethical means to deceive you in terms of both qualities as well as the price offered to you. If you are still not clear about the ways your flower dealer may be cheating you, then go through this article very carefully. It has many tips in this regard that would surely work for you. 

The Most CommonTricks Used By Florists

Put The Scissors Away :

You may be at least a bit surprised to hear it as your florist has never told you about, but believe me, it is genuinely true. A sharp scissor has the potential to crush the stems of flowers that adversely affects their quality, which you would never want. Rather, you would do better by using a sharp or non-pointed knife to cut the unwanted portion of the stem at an angle. Also, do not forget to cut off the leaves below the waterline as they are a good breeding palace for various kinds of bacteria that affect the quality of your most favorite blossoms. Many online florists usually sell Mothers Day flowers bouquets online available with them by cutting off the leaves grown below the water level. You must check for the growth of leaves in this area once or rather twice a week and remove them if there are any.

Order Flowers Right On The Day Of Your Event:

Did any flower dealer in your area ever tell you that they usually restock on Mondays? The most probable answer to this question is a big no. The most important reason for it is that doing so will badly affect their business, which they would never want. If possible, then think about booking your orders on Fridays or Saturdays as it would entitle you for a special discount or other offers on the same floral arrangement without much deterioration in their quality. However, if you prefer to buy flowers in their freshest form, then consider booking your order on Mondays.

Stop And Squeeze The Roses Slightly:

If you are planning to buy roses in person and do not prefer to order them online, then it is always for you to start by squeezing the blossoms from the area where the petals are meeting the topmost portion of the stem. The firmer they are, the fresher the flowers, whereas softness or squeeziness indicates that the flowers are not as fresh as they should be. In that case, you must straight away move to the next blossom of your choice. There is hardly any chance that you would face such issues while working with a reputed online flower business that has a long record delivering rose flowers & mothers day gifts online on the same day that are often of very high quality. 

The Vase Looks Clean, But Its Not:

Another very important secret that no florist would tell you is that the vase in which you are putting your flowers may appear to be clean with naked eyes, but in actuality, it’s not the case. Many bacterial agents may still be present in the vase you are using even if you are periodically changing the water and flower food with an interval of a few days. To get rid of this problem, you need to wash the vase thoroughly with soup, if possible, to eliminate all kinds of bacterial issues from their roots.  

Keep The Flowers Away from Heat And Fruits:

Did you know that most ripening fruits and plants often release ethylene gas that can make your most preferred floral arrangements wilt away much faster than you may be expecting them to? If not, then better know it now and avoid placing your delicate flowers near fruits, plants or appliances that generate heat even in small quantities. 

I hope you will take care in regards to the tips mentioned above while you visit your florist next time. If you need more help on this topic, then please browse through the internet.