4 Great Reasons To Take Your Kids on a Tour to Jaipur

4 Great Reasons To Take Your Kids on a Tour to Jaipur

Travelling exposes kids to a variety of experiences and have a deep impact on their sponge-like mind. At younger age children are exposed to various historic personalities and grow their interest in Indian history. As just as we try to give them as many as books to read, in the same way, we must ensure to take them on a family trip every year.

When it comes to travelling, kids usually take part in the decision making the process. They browse through various internet sites and magazines about various destinations. Last year we planned our trip to Jaipur! So, why Jaipur?

Stepping into the history

Jaipur- “The Pink City” is one of the most tourist promising place worldwide. Pink is the colour of hospitality. The legend Maharaja Ram Singh painted the whole city pink during the Visit of the Prince of Wales in 1876. Since then this city boasts its speciality with affection and hospitality towards its guest. Moreover, you can easily book your flight ticket to Jaipur using Make My Trip Coupon Code with a great discount.

Charmed by the welcome people

Everyone in the city seemed to be naturally welcoming. While our visit to one of the shop when they got to know about my son’s birthday, they arranged for a bunch of flowers and greeted him. We were quite pleased with a friendly gesture. Surprisingly our kid was also learning politeness and valuing ethics. I knew we had a successful trip as our child was more caring, making a bed of his own, helping me in my household works, giving his grandparents their medicines. These small changes in behaviour speak a lot of that place.

Land of great cultural history

We nearly spent two days living in this very beautiful city. One can never forget the hospitality of the restaurant staffs. They offered as Rajasthanithali having approximately 15 dishes with pickles and chutneys. We went on trying this and that and so on. Listening to the history that lies behind every moment was no less than a treat, not only for the kids but also for us.

Most popular shopping destination

Besides the forts and the monuments, this very place is also known to the shopping paradise. If you are a lover of traditional ethnic clothing, then Jaipur proves to be the best for you. The old city area is excellent for shopping for jewellery, apparel, and footwear. Clothing for kids is also made available. We bought a Dhoti for our son which he keeps wearing in every possible occasion. And those who are in love using the leather products, will varied options to choose from.

Besides shopping, children can also enjoy the Elephant Festival. It takes place in the month of Mach during the Holi. The elephants are engaged in the game of Polo, with an abundant audience. If your child is a book lover, you can also encourage him to take part in the Jaipur Literature Festival. This will help your child to come across various famous authors and would get to know about their works. Moreover, if you are looking for Latest EPFO Recruitment then it could be best to try it.

Tips before you plan your visit.

  • The best time to plan your stay is from November to February. Nights can be a bit cold, still, warm normal clothes are sufficient.
  • This city is well connected by roads. Railways. So within the city, you can travel by cabs or auto rickshaw.
  • Plan 3-4days, that’s sufficient to cover all the major sites.
  • Stay well versed with English and Hindi, the local people are well accustomed to that.
  • While travelling with children, plan in advance all your travel and accommodation so as to avoid any mess.