Kolkata - Are You Looking For a Perfect Place to Spend Holiday?

Kolkata – Are You Looking For a Perfect Place to Spend Holiday?

Kolkata is known for its heritage and many tourists enjoy the authentic experience of a Rajasthani city in India. Kolkata is a famous place in India where there are many major tourist attractions. There are various attractive attractions in Kolkata that attracts numerous tourists from all over the world.

Heritage buildings are found in every part of Kolkata. The famous monument is the British East India Company Monument in the centre of the city. In front of the monument, you can find the Tata Heritage Museum that houses the museum’s collection of British heritage items. The museum displays the memorabilia of Indian traders and the British rulers.

It has a huge viewing space and you can see the works of an English painter Thomas Bate who was the famous portrait artist in Kolkata. There are many other interesting monuments like Jain Temples and Jama Masjid that contains historical history about the Jainism and their importance in the society.

If you are interested in shopping, you can visit the Old Fort in Kolkata where you can buy souvenirs and some home accessories. The monument, which is situated on the banks of River Chowrakar is considered as one of the most magnificent in India. This fortress is believed to be the oldest in India.

You can also try your luck at the local casinos in Kolkata. These casinos are located near the Chowrangi Hills and they offer good entertainment that is worth trying.

In fact, the city of Kolkata is a hub for tourists with a large number of hotels in the city. Some of the most popular and famous hotels in Kolkata are the New Delhi Hotel, Bombay Palace, Monsoon Hotel, and Plaza Hotel.

Destinationsare not limited to the historic buildings. The city has many leisure destinations that allow you to explore the rich culture of the city. Kolkata features many beautiful beaches, which are popular among tourists.

If you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy the sea, then you should check out the Yamuna Beach. The beach is located on the western side of the Chowrangi Hills.

Another prominent attraction is the bank of the Chowrangi. You can enjoy the sunrise and sunset of the hill as well as watching colorful birds around. You can visit a temple located on the bank of Chowrangi river.

There are many budget and classy hotels that are located on the Chowrangi river and there are many country hotels that provide accommodation to the tourists. If you are looking for good nightlife in Kolkata, then you should check out the hip bars and clubs.

If you wish to try out the Chinese restaurant in the city, then you can try out the Shanghai Restaurant located at the junction of Chowrangi river and Mall Road. There are many good restaurants in Kolkata that serve the best Chinese cuisine in the city.

Kolkata is a destination that offers a variety of options to enjoy a different kind of vacation in India. You can visit this destination anytime of the year and enjoy a good time.