3 Cloud Computing Skills to Build A Successful Career

3 Cloud Computing Skills to Build A Successful Career

Cloud computing is highly demanded and one of the hottest technology in the tech industry. For qualified professionals, this technology can play a vital role.  In the U.S., the median current salary for a cloud computing expert is $124,300. Professionals in the field are getting paid highly.  Cloud Computing skill is the second-highest paid skill. According to various employers throughout the world, hiring a cloud computing expert is one of the toughest processes. However, it is not an easy job because of its speciality area. A candidate must have specific skills to acquire this job. Without these skills, no HR department is going to hire you. Employers verify these skills by certification. A certification in cloud computing guarantees your skills. If you are a certified professional. Every organization will prefer you. So any certification in the cloud such as Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-103. AZ-103 practice exam material can assist you in the preparation for your exam. Proper AZ-103 practice exam material will guide you in understanding the exam environment and practice it properly. Without the AZ-103 practice exam, it could be difficult to pass the exam for certification. Here are some skills that can help you in starting your career as a cloud computing expert.

Coding Skills

In software development, cloud computing is a new dimension. Programmers can create, host, and execute applications using the cloud. As the cloud has the capacity to handle large volumes, applications on the cloud can scale up on large volumes. Programming languages such as Perl, Ruby, and Python are some recent additions to the cloud ecosystem. These languages are becoming more prevalent with each passing year because they are open source. There are some other languages that are also very popular such as Java, PHP, and .Net.

Database Management

The world is changing rapidly. Data is increasing day by day. There was a time when 1 GB on the computer was enough. But now you can’t think of 1 GB even on your mobile phone. A staggering 2.5 quintillion bytes of new data is added in databases daily. Corporations are trying to understand and use this data as much as they could. As result, demand is high for skilled professionals, who can set-up all this for organizations. To host databases, the cloud platform is the most common space due to this scalability. For any professional in this field, related databases platform to the field and knowledge of database query language is essential. Opportunities in this field are not hard to come by due to the ever-growing pile of data. SQL is the most prevalent language in the database. If you are willing to groom your skills in database management learn Hadoop, MySQL or MongoDB as well.


Linux skills are in demand now as cloud professionals. What is the main reason for that? What is the role of Linux in cloud computing? Linux-based Azure is powered on one-fourth of the servers. Microsoft continued thrust to open-source market, this share will increase with time. Professionals who are capable of working on cloud-based Linux servers are highly demanded by businesses for these purposes such as:
  • Designing
  • Managing
  • Developing
  • Administering
  • Setting up Architecture
For a career in administering Linux servers, the Linux Foundation Certified Systems Administrator helps professionals. An individual should learn by them and their certification is an industry-accepted practice.

Importance of Certifications and Courses with Skills

For emphasis on industry and vendor certifications, the IT industry is renowned. In this field, cloud computing has also joined the fray. Microsoft, Amazon and all other major service providers offer training and certifications. These certifications could be very helpful in your career development. You can jump-start your cloud computing career if you have any certification of cloud by any reputed tech company such as Microsoft. Here are the most popular certifications by Google, Microsoft, and Amazon:
  • Google Cloud Certification
  • Azure Certification
  • AWS Certification
Microsoft’s Azure certification is getting fame due to many reasons. If you are willing to attempt the exam to get this certification, don’t forget to prepare through the practice exam material. For instance, if you are preparing for AZ-103, AZ-103 practice exam material could be very beneficial for you. Certification can be a vital first step in the right direction, but the experience is more important.


Individuals and organizations, both should follow the trend to compete with others. Using old technology or traditional methods will not give you any benefit. Soon old methods would be replaced by new and then that could be too late to make a decision.