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Audiologist in Delhi

How Can an Audiologist Help With a Cochlear implant?

An audiologist is a health care professional who specializes in diagnosing and treating hearing, balance, and related disorders. An audiology specialist is trained to diagnose hearing loss, ear infections, vertigo/dizziness problems of the inner ear, Cochlear implants for children with severe sensorineural hearing loss or deafness from birth or early childhood. They also provide general information on maintaining a healthy lifestyle as it relates to your ears including using headphones responsibly and tips for avoiding noise-induced hearing loss.

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speech therapy for toddler

9 Basic Signs that your child needs a Speech Therapy

Many parents wonder if their toddler is speaking properly and might need speech therapy. In order to know for sure, there are a few signs you can look at that will give insight into whether your child needs guidance with the development of his or her speech patterns. Speech therapists work on helping toddlers develop language skills through various exercises such as sound games, imitation activities, conversations that use words they already know in new contexts (or "teaching them how"), object labeling, storytelling with pictures ("show me what's happening") among other techniques tailored specifically for each patient - so it really depends! Here are some basic indicators:

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