Best IVF center for Test Tube Baby

Best IVF center for Test Tube Baby

From all the IVF Clinics spread across India Mishka, IVF hospital is the best Infertility treatment Hospital in India. The IVF center in India gives affordable IVF treatment with a high success rate and pre-pregnancy care.

The infertility or not being pregnant is usually very upsetting for patients. Then they have this abundance of information from their friends and relatives that confuse their mind. They undergo immense pressure firstly because they cannot conceive naturally and secondly the hopeless advice is hard to grasp. Mishka IVF specialist Dr Ruchi Bhandari builds a friendship with her patient and keeps them well-informed and encourages them to have active participation in the treatment.

Mishka IVF provides many treatments and  services related to male infertility, female infertility, test-tube baby  like IVF, IUI, LAH, ICSI, PCOD. They have the best infrastructure with one of the most experienced staff and IVF specialists. Dr Ruchi Bhandari

The services provided at Mishka IVF center are:


The best Infertility  treatment is  prescribed by the fertility experts at Mishka IVF after a keen diagnose of the problem


IUI is a procedure in which sperm are placed into the woman’s uterus directly through injection  when she is ovulating.


In vitro fertilization (IVF) or ‘test-tube baby’ they remove eggs from the ovaries of the female and fertilize it outside her body.


ICSI is a technique in which the egg is fertilised by injecting the single sperm in an egg and then transferring the fertilised egg back into embryo


Sonography or ultrasound is high-frequency sound waves showing impressions of the formations within a body. 


latest and updated technology to perform ‘minimally invasive’ surgeries with competence.


 Laser Hatching technique, is used to debilitate Zona pellucida,by marking through laser


They do blastocyst Culture and Transfer when a fertilised embryo grows in the laboratory for 4-6 days and then placed back in the womb.


In Cryopreservation sperm, eggs and embryos are frozen  to save them for the future and use them when the desire emerges.


When a man donates his high quality sperm to help other infertile couples.

How Infertility Is Treated Through Ivf Treatment 


 They describe Failing to conceive within 1 year after trying with no contraceptive measures as infertility. Most couples conceive within the first year of trying but there are few unfortunates one who are unsuccessful. They also say that around 7% of couples conceive in the second year but, visit  reproductive endocrinologist or IVF expert  within 12 months of trying. 

Science has been bliss for such unfortunates. It has given hope to many broken hearts facing infertility problems. 

Symptoms of Infertility

The underlying symptom of infertility is the inability to get pregnant. 

However, there are also some other symptoms, when you need to visit your IVF doctor before it is late:

  • If you are having irregular periods. 
  • If you are getting older or you are  35 years or older. 
  • Having a history of sexually transmitted diseases or infections. I.
  • History of any abnormalities of the uterus 
  • History of detected  semen in men 

If you are suffering from any such symptoms, then you should visit the IVF surgeon at earliest. The doctor may perform hysteroscopy or semen analysis to diagnose the actual problem and then can suggest the treatment.

Causes of Infertility that Best IVF Center can Treat

Why does anyone go through an infertility problem? Is it just female problems? Well, Let’s review the common causes of infertility  for which they recommend best test-tube baby center: 

It may be your age which is not making you fertile. The egg quality goes down with an older age group or say above 30 years. IVF treatment  is the best option for such women.

If you are having any anatomical deficiencies or infections which may cause infertility or miscarriage, then IVF treatment can lead to a happy pregnancy.

If you have damaged a fallopian tube, then the Test-tube baby treatment process makes it possible to neglect this problem and help to cure infertility.

 If the infertility problem is with men’s sperm then the IVF center will perform TESE and intracytoplasmic sperm injections (ICSI) directly  to take single sperm and inject in egg to mature them.

If abnormal growth of tissue around the uterus or Endometriosis is the reason for infertility,  then Best IVF is recommended.

If your uterus is not producing enough ovaries than IVF process can help you to increase the number of eggs in your uterus,

Infertility Treatment at Mishka IVF center

If you have lost all hopes on motherhood, then Mishka is your ray of hope. Many times things are out of your control and you cannot prevent the infertility problem but, with development in science we have come a long way in making things favourable for us.

At Mishka IVF center in Jaipur you will get the best test-tube baby treatment. The IVF specialists here take the personal interest in every patient and provide the best solution to resolve their problems. Her treatments include:

1. Spreading Awareness about Infertility –  Educating the sufferers about the complications related to their pregnancy and the treatment options available will help them choose the best for themselves. 

2. Medication for fertility – There are many medicines and pills, the doctor prescribes to induce ovulation, develop high-quality eggs, to build sperm counts or to solve any other health issues.

3. IUI or intrauterine insemination – They prescribe IUI to boost the chances of pregnancy. IUI differs from IVF.

4. IVF or In-Vitro Fertilization or Test-Tube Baby- This leading science of test-tube baby has helped many. Mishka IVF center in Jaipur has a high success rate and provides affordable treatment for Infertility. 

Enjoy your IVF Pregnancy With Test tube center in Jaipur

Mishka is the best choice for successful IVF pregnancy. They provide special care throughout the treatment. While you undergo IVF or test-tube baby treatment their team of skilled doctors will continuously monitor you throughout the process. With this dedicated and passionate care the complications related with pregnancy is minimal, leading to a high success rate. With the IVF process with Mishka, you can welcome your bundle of joy soon.

Are there any Risks Associated with IVF?

There is no risk except having twins or triplets. Multiple births can make your pregnancy difficult and can also cause difficulty during labour and delivery.