Having a Second Baby At 40

Having a Second Baby At 40

Pregnancy is such a complicated as well as the happiest time in the life of any couple. The fact is that if you experienced a straightforward pregnancy and birth previously then you are fit and healthy to go ahead. It means your baby probably be fine this time. However, you need to aware of a few things for sure. It seems important to mention that the risk of miscarriage also is increased with age. But if you are careful, it might not occur.

Miscarriage generally happens because of chromosomal problems like Down’s syndrome and so on. The Risk Of Down’s Syndrome  Yes! The risk of Down’s syndrome is increased when you are going to conceive at the age of 40. However, you do not need to worry as it could be handled easily by being aware of it. You should follow the prescription of the doctors to stay away from the hassles. If you are at 40 and going to conceive, then you should be aware of the risk of Down’s syndrome. It could happen as studies say. Being at 40 means, you are prone to have a baby with Down’s syndrome. Moreover, this risk is probably 1 out of 200. Moreover, it could be 1 in 67 in case you are already having a child with Down’s syndrome.

It would be ideal if you go-ahead to have a screening test to calculate the risk. All you need to do is set your appointment with your doctor. People do not get pregnant naturally or having fertility issues rely on advanced medical treatment. They may have a variety of options to have their own baby such as IVF, Surrogacy, ICSI Bangalore etc. You doctor will suggest you the best examining your condition. You do not need to wonder how it would happen since your doctor will explain to you everything in a discreet manner. If you are going to be an older mum, you are tending to have increased risk of some other kind of pregnancy complications.

Moreover, it could defiantly occur in case you had in your previous pregnancy too including a baby having low birth weight, having a baby early from the stipulated pregnancy timing, high blood pressure, etc. You should consult with the doctor before conceiving sharing your medical history-oriented details. The doctor will examine your body along with your blood pressure and urine to make sure that there are not regular antenatal appointments to detect the early sign of any kind of issues.

What To Do To Control All These Complications

Many steps you can have in order to mitigate the chance of having pregnancy-oriented health issues.  You should also keep a close eye on your blood pressure. Make sure that blood pressure and gestational diabetes is in your control. According to the experts, you should have a balanced diet and genetic exercise to keep your body healthy and perfect. It means you can go with the option of having lean meat, fish and low-fat dairy foods. You should also add whole-grain cereal and bread to your diet. Apart from it, do not forget to have fruit and vegetables to your diet. Make sure that you are maintaining a distance from this kind of food such as

  •        Cakes
  •        Pastries
  •        Fizzy Drinks
  •        Takeaway Foods

If you are in between of 30’s to 40’s and have already become a mother then you can have a pregnancy in your late 40’s too. All you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You should take less stress so that bad hormones would not release in your body too. You should not smoke as it also put a negative effect on your pregnancy. You should avoid having alcohols since it also adds a negative impact on your body. Being an older mum, you have already developed the needed muscle wall of the uterus. Having pregnancy before this one in your 40’s plays a major role to reduce the risk of another kind of complication during pregnancy. Having first pregnancy in your 40’s means you will have newly develop fibroids in your uterus and they may lead to creating hinder your birth canal. It means you might have to go with a cesarean. You may less likely to have a cesarean while you are younger. However, you may need cesarean if you have a pregnancy in your 40. It occurs because womb muscles do not perform as they do if you have a pregnancy in your younger age. Your doctor will share the needed details with you regarding the tips you could have to stay away from these pregnancy complications. Studies say that the chance of having cesarean during pregnancy can be reduced by being a bit careful. You should consult with your doctor regarding the birth plan. Moreover, you should have good support all across your pregnancy and labor period too.


By being a bit careful, you can go ahead to have a pregnancy at 40’s too. Make sure that you are having treatment from the best doctor. Becoming a parent is a beautiful experience. You will become the happiest when you have your baby in your arms. So, what are you waiting for? Have the best treatment from your doctor and enjoy your life becoming a parent again at 40’s.