Things to keep in mind while visiting Singapore

Things to keep in mind while visiting Singapore

Singapore is on the travel bucket list of almost all the travel enthusiasts. A good research before visiting the place can keep you both hassle-free and make your trip worthwhile. There are so many activities to do in Singapore. It has some such facts that you must know about before traveling which might be of help.

1. Chewing gum is banned

Ban on Chewing Gum Chewing gum is banned in Singapore since 2004 with an exception of doctor-recommended gums. Tourists carrying more than 2 chewing gum packs can be taken into custody with a penalty of USD 5,500 fine along with a year in prison. Anybody caught leaving gums in public places are either monetarily fined or punished.

2. Smoking Restrictions

Smoking restrictions Most of the places in Singapore do not permit Smoking. Some such places are offices, stadiums, shopping malls, bus stops, cinema halls, swimming pools, and resting places. There are specific smoking areas where you can smoke. This restriction makes Singapore renowned for its clean air. If caught smoking in restricted places, you can be fined.

3.There is no need to tip

There is no need to tip Tipping culture is not entertained in Singapore. There is an extra 10 percent of service charges added to your restaurant, drinking outlets, and cafe bills hence no tip is expected. However, it might be allowed in some places but most of Singapore doesn’t allow tipping.

4. Don’t buy alcohol after 10:30 pm

You can’t buy alcohol or drink in public after 10:30 pm A bill of Singapore prohibits retail selling and consumption of alcohol in public after 10:30 pm to 7:00 am. Anyone buying, selling or consuming alcohol during the mentioned time slot is a finable offense. While planning a trip to Singapore do keep this in mind.

5. Ease of public Transportation

Ease of public Transportation Singapore features one of the best public transportation systems among all the popular tourist destinations. There are public buses, taxis, and MTR available for the public. The roads are well connected and you can reach from one place to another in a comfortable ride within minutes. Also, smoking is permitted in local transportation means.