5 Insane Bachelor Party Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind For LifeTime - Epic Experience

5 Insane Bachelor Party Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind For LifeTime – Epic Experience

Need ideas to plan the most memorable bachelor party for your BFF?

So, he’s decided to get hitched, and he wants you to stand beside him as his Best man. With this honour comes great responsibility-you must throw him a bachelor bash that he will never forget. Excited for your night out? Obviously, you might be. However, you have already had plenty of fun memories with him; and what kind of a friend would you be if you didn’t know where exactly his good time is! So, get rolling and ready for five crazy Bachelor party ideas to make your night a wonderful one.


Las Vegas is the maddest bachelor party destination for a reason: there’s just so much to do. The city’s slogan promises that what ever happens here remains here. Your secrets are safe with Las Vegas.  This should work to your advantage when planning your BFF’s bachelor party.

Things to do in Las Vegas

Weather you want to gamble in the casinos, dance the night away in the world-renowned clubs or just hang-out by the pool with the guys, Vegas is full of great options for you.

Important Tips

 Keep in mind that Vegas is an expensive city, decide on a budget beforehand and consider leaving your ATM card in the hotel room before you hit the casinos. If you’re looking for a high key party vibe, Vegas is definitely the place to go.


Motoring enthusiasts have a handful of options available, when it comes to pushing the throttle to the max. To start with, pick a destination. Or simply pile the gang into bikes and see where the road takes you.

Things to do

For a long lasting experience, you can rent a classic car or luxury car for a day to drive around like a boss. Most sought after cars for these trips are convertible cars the Audi A3, Mahindra Thar with a soft top.

Important Tips

  • Click a lot of pictures – Either way it’s bound to be a memorable trip with your best friends in the picture.
  • Keep your gas tank full at all times 
  • Choose the people on this trip carefully, you don’t want to choose people who don’t get along well as a group
  • A great music playlist, its better if you start curating one before the trip


Plan a friendly competition in friends. It generally brings out the best in friends and some hearty laughs.  Sports are a great way to bring your gang together and honor the groom.

Organize a tournament, complete with a couple of kegs of beer and personalized T-shirts to mark the occasion.

Things to do

Outdoor sports like Football, soccer, tennis, cricket, golf, flag football, volleyball

Bowling with some beer

Paint ball can be a blast.

Important tips

  • Pair the tournament with a barbeque afterwards. You can get a barbecue set from Amazon for less then INR 1000. You can either marinate your own food or buy pre marinated foods from ant local store.
  • If your gang is not the athletic type, then treat the gang to some beers and organise a private screening of your favourite sports team’s game at a private theatre. You can also go real big and get a private box and watch the match live.

On budget? Organize a day on the field; go for a hiking trip to some place near your city.


The plunge into marriage seems like a piece of cake – especially if just before that, you have jumped from the plane at 10,000 feet first. If the idea of skydiving doesn’t thrill your crew; try bungee jumping, scuba diving, hand gliding, rock climbing, mountaineering or even shark hunting. There’s nothing like defying death to bring a group of guys closer together-and just think of the stories groom will have to tell his grandchildren someday. If you want to stay closer to home, go to a go-karting place in your city or go some place where you could rent out some ATVs

We’ll leave the rest up to you. Whatever it is that you choose, it ultimately boils down to having a good time; make sure that happens!


Speaking of food, if cooking isn’t an activity the group is going to like, the act of eating should be.

Pick a restaurant that your groom has been raving about but has never had a chance to eat at. You can’t go wrong with a cuisine that he absolutely loves-find the crème de la crème restaurants that serve that style of food and he’ll be fully satisfied.

Want to do something out of the ordinary at your bachelor party? Hop in a sports car, a helicopter or a hot air balloon for an unforgettable experience. Or schedule an exclusive tour of the groom’s favourite place through aviator to give him a whole new look at something he loves.

So, soon to be groom? What are you waiting for? You’ve got the ideas. Go and party right now.

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