3 Things Before Picking Up Logo Embroidered Sports Shirts

3 Things Before Picking Up Logo Embroidered Sports Shirts

Working in a corporation and wanting to pick the right logo embroidered sports shirts for the sports event?

There is a possibility that you are in a position right now in a corporation where you need to market your brand or the company name (perhaps to reach the audience). Assuming, as a corporation, you have a lot of weekly or monthly events as incentives, encouragement and motivation for the employees.

One of such events may include sports events, where the employees in your company participate and compete with each other in any kind of sport. If you don’t conduct the sports event then you are missing an opportunity to market your brand.

Even though there have been several methods to brand/market your corporation (and those methods are scientifically proven to be effective or efficient), you must not miss any opportunity or a moment to market your brand. Now, what does it mean for you? You can do the marketing through the Custom Polo Shirts!

The shirts are worn by everyone. This is fact, regardless of the kind or quality of the shirt. As a corporation, one method to market your brand is to pick the best logo embroidered sports shirts that look pleasing/appealing to the eyes and have unique features that differentiate them from the rest of the general shirts.

These shirts will be worn by your employees. Furthermore, you can also giveaway these shirts through social media or as a part of a promotion or campaign.

You can also giveaway these shirts through the Facebook Ad program to promote your Facebook page. This ensures the maximum lead generation that could be possible through social media. 

As a corporation, you need to make sure that the shirts that you are purchasing need to be comfortable to wear. It loses the purpose when your employees or consumers don’t prefer to wear it. You can’t expect to have the branding of your company in this way. Employees need to feel proud, pretentious, appreciative and honored, while at the same time humble.

You need to also realize, as a corporation, that sports shirts can reflect the vision of your company; if the logo is done very well, then it can tell the people what your company is about. This provides the free advertisement for your company. This could have a drastic impact on your marketing schedule.

Here, I am going to show you the whole process of picking the best out of the bunch or combination to get yourself ahead of everyone. Let’s get started!

The guide to picking the best logo embroidered sports shirts

Following are some of the tips that will help you pick the best logo embroidered sports shirts:

Qualities of the shirts

The sports shirts tend to be half sleeved, unlike the full sleeve shirts. That mean, you need to place the brand name/logo on the same area regardless of the size. What does this imply then?

Well, it means you need to ask orders in the bunch from the reputable companies which contain shirts of any sizes. 

Sports shirts come in different sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra large
  • Extra extra large.

At the same time, before buying the right shirt to convert them into logo embroidered sports shirts, you need to ask yourself which kind of fabric your employees want to wear; do they want to wear the synthetic fabric made shirt? Do they want to wear the miracle microfiber made shirt?  Do they want to wear the miracle cotton made shirt? Do they want to wear the calico cotton made shirt? Perhaps the blend of cotton and polyester? Do you want to wear the spandex cotton made shirt? These are the questions that need to be sorted out effectively.

Cotton made shirts have the tendency to absorb the sweat, which makes it very comfortable to wear, especially during exercising. Cotton made sport shirts are great for the employees participating in the sports event. 

Most of the time, these dresses are usually for athletics. When you watch or see the sportsman, they are most likely wearing the cotton made shirts.


There are branded shirts as well as non-branded. You need to buy the non-branded obviously, however, you are not supposed to compromise in the quality. 

You need to approach the market that is reputable but also provides custom-made shirts. In this, you can get the logo embroidered polo or sports shirts.

Target Audience

You need to target your audience very carefully by the geographical region, age or active users. In terms of Facebook or other social media, the marketing needs to be done for specific people only. It is highly discouraged to target everyone as it not only costs you a lot of money but also wastes your time; people who are living outside the country of your target would have no interest in learning about your brand.

You need to have the budget decided prior to starting advertisement. If your budget is good enough, you can promote the logo embroidered sports shirts on social media as part of the Ad campaign. Fortunately, most used platform Facebook has everything ready for you already, all you need to do is pick the right audience and start the campaign for the specific period that would be decided according to your budget.


It should be sufficient for you now that you can pick the right custom logo embroidered sports shirts through the effective methods that are mentioned here.

It needs to be clear now that the preferred fabric type should be cotton due to its moisture-wicking fabrics as that can provide the moisture control on the skin of an athlete.

You also understand now the importance of marketing/branding and finding the right audience.

If you have any question, let us know in the comment section below!