6 Effective Cell Phone Packaging Design in 2019

6 Effective Cell Phone Packaging Design in 2019

Cell phone packaging is developing and enhancing each day with the revolution in printing techniques plus the extra attention and value that is being given to the encased product. Mobile phone packaging box relates with itself a lot of emotions. Yes! You read that right, it does connect to people’s emotions since mobiles are considered to be an expensive gift item. On the instances where they are received as a gift, or as a blessing on passing an exam with exceptional grades or being able to buy them after saving up your salary or pocket money for a long time, these packaging boxes connect to a zillion emotions once they are held in hands. Cell phone packaging manufacturers make it a point to take into consideration all of these emotional factors and try to come up with packaging solutions that are able to attract and manipulate these feelings to the fullest. Mobile phones are becoming a basic necessity of life. People all around just cannot seem to live without them. People of all ages seem to be getting into a rage about them, and you can find almost every second out of four persons holding a cellphone box with an expensive cellphone in their hands. Each day new and improved models of mobiles are being introduced in the market, and still people just cannot seem to get enough. Not so long ago, there were hardly two or three known mobile manufacturers that used to launch a new model, two or three years after their previous launch, and that seemed pretty much ok since the masses were kept preoccupied trying to get their hands on the previous model. But now time and trends have both changed. Phone case packaging has achieved a distinctive place in the market. Every new day, a new cell phone manufacturing brand is emerging in the market. It is for all obvious reasons that each company is offering more or less the same specifications in its phone models as the others. As a consequence, mobile manufacturers try to enhance and exhibit the best of the best through their packaging styles. This is one of the primary reasons why we see some of the most outstanding and unique phone case boxes with each and every upcoming day. Let us have a look at some of the most outstanding cellphone packaging designs of the year 2019.

PVC Window Packaging

They say that if you are confident about it then exhibit it with pride. Cell phone companies seem to totally agree with it since most commonly we see packaging designs that primarily have a PVC window section that proudly exhibits the masterpiece of mechanics that is encased inside. The window packaging technique is not new, however, with time and trends, the techniques, materials, die-cut shapes do continue to be delivered with variations.

Eco-friendly Packages

The modern era is all about awareness. The internet has made an idle person literate and well known towards the hazards and the positivity that the future may or may not hold for them. That is one of the primary reasons why we see a rapid transit and appraisal towards products that are either related to environmental conservation or helping in achieving the cause either one way or another. Mobile manufacturers are well aware of this increasing aptitude towards packaging boxes that are made out of materials that are friendly to the environment and coming up with the most exuberant packages that are made out of a hundred per cent biodegradable materials.

Convenient Gables

Convenience is a blessing in today’s world where chaos and shortage of time is almost something that comes with the package of life. People primarily prefer to buy products that have a convenient carriage utensil attached to its packaging. Mobile packages having a convenient gable on top not only look unique and attractive, but they also provide the convenience of carriage and utility. Not only do these type of packaging boxes provide an extra edge to the convenience level of the consumers but they also look good while being carried around.

Safe and Sturdy

We all may agree at some point that the invent of social media and print media revolution has increased the awareness level of people regarding each and every aspect of life. People nowadays believe in buying things that somehow speak out about their safety and authenticity. Such awareness and inclination of the consumers have lead manufacturers to come up even with a cell phone shipping box that is commendable for both its sturdiness and uniqueness. This set of mind has challenged the packaging world to come up with new and multi-faceted inventions that cover up a wide range of utility and consumption.

Double Trouble

Would it be a trouble for you if you had to open a packaging box only to find out that there is another one inside that is still left to be opened before you get to the actual product that you have bought? In some cases, the answer would be an absolute yes! But in certain scenarios even this much of trouble becomes exciting. So is the case with the double boxing trend of cellphone packaging in the year 2019. Every now and then we see new and upcoming mobiles packaged in boxes that represent a mysterious aura with their double or triple layers and consumers happily shed them off in the excitement of finally getting their hands on their favourite device.

Pvc Perfections

No matter how disappointing it may sound we cannot deny the fact that the use of unhealthy plastics is still prevalent in the case of phone packaging styles. Pvc bags and coverings are exceedingly being utilized for the purpose of encasing this fragile and delicate product. However, with the increasing awareness of environmental hazards, this trend is feeling the downfall but at a very slow pace.