6 Most Useful Types of Influencer Marketing Campaign Plan

6 Most Useful Types of Influencer Marketing Campaign Plan

Influencer Marketing, a word that is catching up fast and steadily growing its existence at an accelerating speed across the world. As its name suggests, it’s a promotion technique which highlights on taking services of respected and popular worldwide characters to send your products to a wider market. Simply speaking, you cover the perfect person to market your goods all through your own reach.

If you are an avid user of social networking platforms, you must have undergone lots of strategies of influence marketing strategies, the most common being an influencer holding a product in his social websites post with a tag line that suggests he/she uses it and so should you.

There were occasions when advertising on TV, radio, newspapers or even online websites did the secret however those procedures are losing their charm today. People have shifted to cord-cutting, media fasting and using ad blockers to shout out loud. Millennials love to purchase an item after watching an influence on societal networking platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

“People do not purchase services and goods. They buy relations, stories, and magic”

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing, where social media influencers are the ones who help spread a company’s word online. A famous example of this is Kylie Jenner’s lip kit launch, where she not only uploaded pictures of her wearing the products but also wrote reviews about it. This campaign made me think (sic) million within seconds!

Marketing is when a person recommends a product to their followers for free in exchange for personal compensation.

The goal of influencer marketing is to tap into the power and target segmented, niche communities made up of people or companies with many social media followers and use this collective reach to create brand awareness and boost an organization’s revenue.

People invest in content marketing and influencers because it often converts better than other forms of online advertising. Using an individual with an established following instead of the business itself has great advantages such as trust, authenticity, relatability, endorsement, credibility–and most importantly–building quality fans that feel like they’re part of the brand experience because they know insider secrets from their favorite celebrities who share them readily

Establish goals for your influencer campaign

In just about any influencer promotion plan, you have to prove you could provide value to the crowd of one’s influencers. To find effective influencers for your own brand, you have to go through the fundamental questions of why and ways to get to your own who?

  • Why are you carrying out an influencer advertising campaign?
  • Just how much should it affect the achievement of your merchandise?

Establish goals for your influencer campaign. They can be as simple as increasing the followers of one’s brand on social media platforms at which you promote your products, increasing the visibility of your brand before your target audience, increase sales by a particular percent and lastly increase the range of visits or engagement rates on your website. You want to make sure, quantifiable, workable, practical, and time-bound when setting goals.

It’s easy to discover the perfect influencer knowing who you would like them to influence. It’s possible that you know your prospective customers to publicize your news to. For that influencer marketing strategy to work correctly, you want to work together with influencers that are connected to your target customers. Narrow your market down to a particular niche, this can allow you to choose the right influencers.

How do influencers help?

By working together with influencers on interpersonal networking, your brand messages get hauled with their own enormous networks consequently increasing your brand awareness.

  • There are two ways that you can establish your relationship with an influencer, first may be the organic strategy, the ROI you receive within this situation is volatile.
  • The 2nd way is for those who pay them to receive your merchandise. Here the price may be one variable to look at but you’ll definitely receive great results.
  • The paid influence will reach out to your target audience which is automagically your own followers, being proactive to advertise your product or logo.
  • But remember, they are influenced because of their honest association with those people. Any true influencer will not deal with you if they do not enjoy your product.

Benefits of influencer marketing

To date, when it comes to influencing purchasing decisions, the use of influencers has been shown to bring an average of 5-times more in revenue than traditional marketing.

People are more likely to buy something if they see that their favorite blogger or model uses it. It helps brands establish authenticity because people feel like they know them better. Sure, there are some negatives associated with this–we’re still in the early days and people are catching on–but overall the benefits outweigh the downsides.

Influencer marketing takes advantage of the trust customers have in influencers. Studies show that people are more willing to take the advice of someone they know, like, and trust than an unknown person speaking about a product or service online.
Studies also show that 56% of consumers researched products by watching videos on YouTube, 50% searched for beauty reviews on Instagram, and 40% bought something because their favorite YouTuber mentioned it without prompting. This means if you spend time developing relationships with these influencers through creating quality content organic exposure can lead to organic connections to your site.

Marketers who frequently interact with high-profile Instagrammers will find themselves selling out their stock faster than ever before whereas customer engagement is 71 times higher when compared to other marketing types.

Affiliate marketing vs Influencer marketing

Affiliate marketing uses online advertisements to reach an audience with retail items. Influencer marketing leverages individuals with large social media followings to promote brands on their networks.

First of all, it’s important to understand that these two are mutually exclusive terms. With affiliate marketing, the individual is paid for each product purchased through their links. With influencer advertising, the advertiser will pay the influencer based on things like impressions, views or clicks rather than purchase rates directly related to sales.

Most bloggers who use affiliate links, already do this for free because they want traffic and thus need advertisers to be present on their pages in order to succeed financially. Also if you’re sponsored by a company your content reflects positively onto them favorably

6 Types of Influence Promoting

Deals and Affiliate Marketing Online

From the strategy which involves reduction codes, even i.e you offer unique reduction that’s tough to say no more and also encourages clients to make immediate purchase on impulse. Make discrete discount codes for everyone your influencers they can share on their platforms and ultimately increase sales.

On the other hand, internet affiliate marketing involves giving a certain amount of profit for a commission to the influencer for those earnings generated due for their information and sway. It encourages active support for a product by the influence since they receive value whenever a purchase is made.

Sponsored Blog Post Marketing

As soon as we talk about long-term partnerships like celebrity endorsements, we know that they have the capacity to drive considerable ROI. But that does not mean an influencer marketing strategy between sponsored site posts cannot do it. There are immense benefits a part of the articles on influencer blogs.

The best example being health products. Many physical fitness bloggers endorse some of the other brands which claim to provide a wholesome life and those brands actually keep getting the rewards for a long period of time.

The most important reason being search engines. Search engine optimization plays an excellent role alongside the popularity of this influencer. Ergo a blog having a longer life span and lower cost price gives out the most benefit.


There are times when engaging influencers for individual collaborations are quite tough, if that’s the case, events can help save you a lot of time and attract a good deal of attention towards your brand and product.

This approach is suited to all types of services and products but it may perform miracles in the gambling or Theme Park industry. In this influencer marketing strategy, the newest hosts a conference displaying their product alongside inviting influencers.

Here the influencers will have the brand, network with media, stakeholders, and other influencers. You might even start the function for your intended audience and burst the graphs of engagements.

But in regards to events, make sure that they run smoothly, are fun, and are worth remembering. Should they’re going wrong in any way, you risk reducing the worth of one’s brand. Allow it to be unique but not catastrophic.

Competitions and Giveaways

Firstly, be certain that whatever you do in this method is legal. If you would like to maximize your brand awareness or you’re finding a brand new product for your market, competition or giveaway is a great way to collaborate with an influencer to promote it or even host it.

Even the micro-influencers play a significant part in such campaigns, they have the highest engagement percentage among all and will reach the ideal audience in the right manner in a quick moment.

Be innovative with all the entrance requirements and also get your audience to engage with your own brand. These campaigns will also be excellent for boosting your social followers and capturing consumer data via email marketing.

The Interior Function

This influencer marketing strategy is majorly for its bigger brands with long-term goals, an innovative vision, and also a great budget. Here, instead of dealing with an influencer over the outside, you truly attract him/her into your team at a place he or she is best suited to or make a unique role in their opinion. It could possibly be anything, which ranges from an advisor, product designer, or something that contrasts their own talent.

The best example of this is a fashion influencer employed in a style brand. He or she can design or advise on creating a range of products. Such an influencer strategy provides a brand new face to your brand, attracts the eye of consumers and media and strengthens the working relationship with the influencer, and also seals actual marketing of their alliance.

Influencer Takeover

This is just a technique that is distinct from the normal influencer marketing strategies. Once you let an influencer take any one of your social media platforms or all of them for a certain period of time, to share their life or content, you open up a new horizon for your own new brand new. People are attracted to the way of life their influencer happens to be still living. Now imagine an influencer living a week in your own societal networking with your products all around him.

It is very good for articles creation but will result in followers and involvement boost. Take a good example, if you are a travel new and also you send a renowned influencer for a visit you wish to sell and let him share his/her experiences on your own Instagram accounts in the shape of posts or stories. The price is minimal compared to the profits you’ll gain after.

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There are many types of influencer marketing campaigns, six of which are cited above. Though. The ideal campaign would be contingent on your target and also the type of relationship you have with your influence.

If you’re looking for a way to establish your brand and increase sales, then influencer marketing may be the answer. Influencers are people with large social media followings that can share content about your business or product in their feeds–and this is great news because it means they’re already interested in what you have to offer! But how do influencers help? What’s the benefit of using an influencer campaign? And if I’m not sure where to start, which type should I use? Keep reading as we break down the most useful types of influence promoting; all backed up by case studies from our own experience working with clients around the world. After deciding on which strategy will work best for your goals, contact Aeon Source.